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My name is Brittany and I am an independant brand promoter for Le-Vel. I can't even believe how incredible it is. I can't even really explain it, but it just changes the way I feel about everything. I just feel GREAT!! All the time. I would love to get you some information. My friend Janessa shared it with me 6 months ago, and I can't thank her enough because I don't know what I would be doing now without it. You've got to take a look at it. All you have to do is give me your email address, and I will make sure you've got your account. It's kind of like a gmail or Facebook account. It's free, and it'll be yours to do what you want with. But that way you've got instant access to company updates and product knowledge when you want it. You'll receive company emails when promotions come out, kind of like when you go shopping and they take your email address to send promo codes and such.. Trust me, this stuff can completely change your days and quality of your life. You need to check it out!!! I would not be telling you about it if it wasn't so unbelievable! Please read below for the top 11 selling points of Le-Vel and the Thrive experience!

1. It’s FREE. This is the only free social network that you can join & share knowing that ALL products
marketed through it pay you. 100% of the purchase you make is product! 

2. Its CLOUD based. Only Direct Sales Company of its kind operating like this. Bottom-line, you make
more money. 

3. Its DELIVERY system. The Thrive Experience. The DFT. Patent pending. The story that’s NEVER been

4. Its VACATIONS. Travel for FREE 3-4 times per year courtesy of Le-Vel. Why pay to fly around to
conventions? Earn 3 paid vacations per year. Vegas. Cabo. New Orleans. Vegas. .........? 

5. Its CAR bonus program. #1 in the industry. $12,000 in group volume. Dollar for dollar

6. Its SYSTEMS. Good companies are people dependent, OUTSTANDING companies that duplicate a very
high le-Vel are SYSTEMS dependent. Le-Vel is 100% systems dependent = massive duplication. Nothing
like it. Period. 

7. Its BRANDING. Don't take my word for it, visit & check out the 800,000+
people that have Liked, Shared & Posted Stories and Pictures of THEIR own Thrive Experience. 

8. Its CULTURE. Second to none. Visit the Facebook Le-Vel Fanpage & see that over 800,000 people have
posted their Thrive Experience. Step inside, sign up for FREE. Take a look around. 

9. Its EXPANSION. USA, Canada, UK, The European Union (2015), Australia, Mexico, what’s next?

10. Its STORY. Facts tell, stories SELL. This is the story that has NEVER been told in network marketing. =

11. Its GROWTH. Fastest growing in North America. 4800% growth last 12 months. 28 STRAIGHT months of
growth. 30 months YOUNG. Nationally recognized on front cover of two nationwide magazine 
publications this last year, Direct Selling News & Success at Home.

 Visit to get yourself a FREE account, or message me at

This article was published on 08.09.2016 by Brittany Huston
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