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If you're a stay at home mom/dad, know that you are appreciated and valued and you are definitely as hardworking as the rest who chose to work outside of their homes.

Difference is, you sacrificed more than a career, after attending the most prestigious school or the university with the highest standards, after passing that excruciating brain swelling board exam still you chose to take care of your household and the kid/s which I know is a whole lot of work, 24 hours is soooo little time to get things done in a day. It's just not enough to get everything in order. Most certainly with kids, it's neeeeever ending. The cleaning up, the prepping of food, the washing of dishes/clothes and I could go on with the list even to the painful lego brick you stepped on (coz you missed one when you were picking them up aaaand some classics and duplos are a bit too big for your vaccum )

But the point is, sometimes you'll feel so helpless and lonely and useless and not enough because nothing seems to fall right in place. You don't get to have time for yourself, you don't get everything organized the way you want to, you don't have a job, you can't buy what you want right here and there, you just can't figure out why your life turned out like that. You feel sooo little inside thinking you can't even contribute on your bills because you are not earning a single dime out of all the things you have accomplished day after day, sometimes even looking back pains you, seeing your friends and schoolmates climbing up the ladder oh so successful in their chosen careers while you are there sitting in bunch of clutter looking like a mess.

I feel you, that was my life you were reading. But I got out from that stinking hole. I'm not that useless as I thought I was.. get off that fence and just start looking for ANY stream of income that could boost your self-esteem and get back on your feet. I did. I found something that held me back from depression and who knows I could've possibly gone far from just being depressed. Through prayers and faith, EVERYTHING is possible with our Almighty, I knocked, I seek, I was heard.

This article was published on 11.04.2021 by Kristine Delicana
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