A business for people who wants to always be on vacation

Why? Because YOU matter! Yes, YOU matter. Before you say that this is absolutely self-centred, please hear me out.

I'm Recibel Juan, an immigrant from the Philippines. A couple of days after I landed in Canada there was a snow storm. Jetlag and all, I shovelled snow for the first time with the snow bank up to my chest.

The week after that was the start of a very frustrating job hunting. Reality sets in. I'm looking for a job in the middle of the coldest temperatures I've ever known, it was my first winter, and in a foreign country. My friend had pity on me and made copies of my resume and so the passing out of resumes like I was just giving out flyers begun. I can now laugh at this but it wasn't funny while I was going through it. If I knew about this digital business back then, I would have taken a different course. Know more at �https://www.recibeljuanmarketing.online 

I worked hard to save for my educational upgrade but unavoidable circumstances happened. My Dad passed away and I got my Mom a parent visa to stay here with me. Last year, she had a heart attack. Hospital bills and initial medications were taken cared off but after that was a different story. I paid everything out of pocket. Insurance is expensive, especially for non-residents. It's just the way it is.

I have a good paying job but with all the medical appointments and tests that are needed, I had to do something. So, I went and got a part-time job in the afternoon from 3-6PM aside from my midnight 11PM-7AM full-time job. I am well aware that I can only do so much for so long and as expected, I got sick and lost days of work but as you know it, our bills kept coming.

It was when I was off from work that I first came across this opportunity. Determined that there is a better way, I asked questions, I plugged in. The more I knew about this all the heavy lifting done for you system, the more convinced I got that this business is what I needed. This is the change that I have been looking for. 

Getting sick was an eye-opener for me. If I don't take care of myself, no one will. YOU matter. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can give yourself to your family. We both know that in order to take care of ourselves, we need time. If you want to have total control of your time, then check this out.

� Work from anywhere, anytime, even on the go and it runs 24/7 and while you sleep. 

� More family and vacation time. 

I believe that if you take time to build your dream, to believe in yourself, you will achieve whatever it is that you dream of in life. YOU DESERVE THIS. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

We have a growing community of over 9,000 members. I will show you how to leverage the online world step by step.

� No experience needed. 

� No computer skills needed.

� All you need is an internet enabled devices such as a phone � or a laptop�. 

� No chasing of friends. 

� No booking of home presentations or demos.

� No cold phone calls. 

� No inventory of product stocks.

� No selling involve.

� 100% legitimate.

� Worldwide �

Leave a comment and I will send you the training so you can learn before you start.

Claim your spot for our no-cost workshop at �https://www.recibeljuanmarketing.online

happening every Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00PM PST, 7:00PM MST, 8:00PM Central Time and 9:00PM EST. 

This is your chance. 

Talk to you soon. 


This article was published on 06.12.2018 by Recibel Juan
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