Sound Reasons Why You Should be In Free-Mart

When joining a company there are important things we should look for--long life, growth, integrity, including good products.  In the following I set out to show why Free-Mart is such a company:

FREE TO JOIN:  The owner of Free-Mart does not believe that you should pay money to go to work.  Therefore Free-Mart is free to join.

GROWTH—Free-Mart is a new company.  Excellent opportunity for growth.  The limit is the world.

INTEGRITY—Free-Mart was born because the owner was pushed out of four different MLM Companies after rising to the top- level and making significant sums of money each month.  Once he was pushed out those companies could keep his money and the benefits of all his hard work, including his downline (all the people he introduced to  the companies and trained).

When he had enough of this dishonesty he was moved to form a company of integrity--and Free-Mart was born.

Free-Mart’s owner and CEO is a certified nutritionist.

Free-Mart began in October 2015.  Within about the first seven months one of the Free-Mart partner’s showed his true colors when the CEO learned that he planned a hostile takeover of the company.  He asked the partner to leave and he did leave—with about $500,000.00 in money and products.  

After he left he was then making efforts to sell the products he had stolen back to Free-Mart's members.  Free-Mart has kept moving forward in spite of these problems.

Free-Mart was re-launched in October, 2016.


PRODUCTS—Our products are second to none.  Customers that try one product reorder and also try our other products.  This has been true for me also.  Our products help people with health issues of various kinds.  Today’s world is full of persons having ailments and illnesses.  Many feel comfortable only with natural, organic products; and that is what we try to provide.  Our products are non-gmo, organic, natural, and super-concentrated. We do not use harsh chemicals.  Actually, we are trying to establish a brand that will be recognized as bio friendly, and in time, we expect that when people hear the name Free-Mart, they would not even have to check the ingredients because it would be known as a top quality product.  Free-Mart would become a name of integrity.  People would recognize it is safe and having everything good in it for their maximum health.  One of our principal selling products is known as SIAGA.  Its three principal ingredients are “Chaga mushroom”, “Black Cumin Seed” and “Licorish Root”.  All of these are known for invaluable benefit.

COMPENSATION PLAN—Our compensation plan is new and formed by our CEO John Austin.  It pays more when compared with any other compensation programthat is found on the market.  In Free-Mart you can recruit as wide as you want and paid up to nine levels down.  Below I provide the percentages you are paid on levels five through nine:

            Level 5          5%

            Level6          8%

            Level 7          13%

            Level 8          21%

            Level 9          24%

If you are having trouble with this compensation plan just remember—It is Free to Join.  Getting to nine levels should be attainable.

The motto of John Austin is:  “Give people what they want.”  When that happens people are loyal and it is not a problem for them to share their opportunity with others, because they are getting what they think is fair just and equitable.

At Free-Mart you are allowed to join other business opportunities.

May the outline above help you to make a decision to be in Free-Mart and reap the benefits of what is envisioned to become the top business of 2017.

Robert King.

This article was published on 29.11.2016 by Robert King
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