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Pi Coin vs PunkPanda free mining opportunity

I have been mining for over a year now (on my phone for free) Pi Coin. In the fall of 2021 another similar free opportunity came along called PunkPanda. Although, I don't mind hitting the mine button everyday to earn Pi, the PunkPanda opportunity seems like a better choice right now to me.

Here are the similarities: They are both free to earn crypto simply by downloading each app on your phone and registering. So, they are both more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin mining. This is basically where the similarities end.

Differences: You have to remember to open the Pi app everyday and press the "mine" button or you will stop earning. Pi Is developing an ecommerce site where you will be able to buy and sell using your Pi. This is taking quite a long time and who knows if I will want to purchase any of the goods that will be offered on the Pi network. Also, the widespread kyc effort seems to be a monumental task at this time. And nobody will be able to use their coins until they are “kyc’d.”

So, the Pi token opportunity today has zero usable products and services. And has no listing date (on the exchanges) for the Pi token. However, I continue to mine knowing that someday it will pay off.

PunkPanda is the world's first encrypted messaging App that PAYS us to use it & share it! It is predicted to be listed on PancakeSwap by the end of March, 2022. PunkPanda is free and rewards us with tokens every ½ hour everyday. Once the 2.0 version is functioning, we will be able to actually use it and earn even more. I started mining PPM (the PunkPanda token symbol) when the token was worth $.40. It is now worth over $1 and going up every couple of days. PPM is a utility token supported by Panda products such as: File sharing, video conferencing, video gaming, nft, market place and many more services.

I believe the PandaPlay (Panda11) will be the service that drives the future price of PPM. Panda11 is a sports fantasy app and the only way you can place bets is by using PPM tokens. This will drive the demand for PPM which will in turn drive the token value up.

Finally, another way to earn is to invite your family and friends to join using your code. You will earn PPM tokens for everybody who becomes your “Panda Pal” as well as everybody they invite and your Panda Pal team goes 12 levels deep.

Come join me on PunkPanda, the world's first encrypted messaging App that PAYS YOU to use it & share it! Get it now at you’ll be prompted to enter my invitation code: 469597

This article was published on 10.02.2022 by Vivian Eisenecher
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PunkPanda - free crypto mining, Free to join

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