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It’s amazing. CBD is starting to pop up in several places in my home town. I was out today doing some shopping and ran into two locations selling CBD. Both locations had their best sale pitch working as they tried to sell me their product. I asked several questions and looked for certain identifiers. Nothing happened. No identifiers and they could not tell me anything about CBD other than CBD is legal. So if you or anyone you know is thinking about trying CBD, keep reading.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

Most people trying CBD for the first time will go with an oil, because it’s everywhere. And it’s the kind you see on the news most often.  But a University of Pennsylvania study found there could be a real danger in doing that, because a shocking…70% of CBD oils on the market are mislabeled …containing much more or much less CBD than what’s printed on the bottle.  That’s enough to make you think twice about buying from just any seller. So if you’ve tried CBD before and it didn’t work for you, this could be why—scammers are out there! 

The CBD market is being flooded right now with people trying to ride the wave of the hemp revolution…and make a quick buck. As Congress passes the Farm Bill, widening America’s access to hemp, CBD, and other healing cannabinoids…the marketplace is only going to get more crowded. 

It’s hard to know who to trust. Suddenly everyone wants to call themselves a CBD expert. And some of these suppliers have never developed a supplement of any kind until now.   They may have no experience with sourcing raw botanicals…and safeguarding the purity of a final product. Some of them are just college kids who know how to build a website!   So you have no real way of knowing whether they have a clean source of hemp…if it’s been hosed down in pesticides…or if they’ve ordered it up from China. 

What you need to know - US Hemp Authority Issues First 13 Certification Seals 

 What Happened - he organization was established in November and is funded by the U.S. Hemp Round Table. It includes hemp industry leaders, as well as organizations such as the Hemp Industries Association and the American Herbal Products Association. The group developed comprehensive guidance for growers and processors of hemp. The companies that were awarded the fist Certification Seals demonstrated their commitment to providing safe and accurately labeled hemp-derived products, such as fiber, seed and cannabidiol — CBD — products, according to the Hemp Authority. 

The companies that received the certification are: 

CV Sciences Inc (OTC: CVSI) of San Diego, California - HempMeds of San Diego - Medterra CBD of Irvine, California  - Balanced Health Botanicals of Louisville, Colorado - HD Distribution of Louisville, Colorado - Bluebird Botanicals of Louisville, Colorado - CW Hemp of Boulder, Colorado - Metacam of Miramar, Florida - GenCanna of Winchester, Kentucky - Shell Farms of Winchester, Kentucky - Nature’s Hemp Oil of Lexington, Kentucky - Hempworx of Las Vegas, Nevada  - Barlean’s of Ferndale, Washington 

Why It's Important 

The purpose of the certification is to educate hemp farmers and processors about good manufacturing practices established by the FDA and good agricultural practices, the Hemp Authority said in a press release. The certification is audited by Where Food Comes From Inc. (OTC: WFCF)'s division Validus, a provider of certification and verification services.

Since the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived CBD, many companies are expected to enter the market, which will increase competition. This certification allows companies to differentiate themselves and earn more customers by showing their commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

What's Next The Hemp Authority said it's developing an updated program, Guidance Plan 2.0, which will take into account input from farmers and certified companies to further improve the certification.

I hope this helps bring you closer to trying CBD! If you would like order a sample, email tonychavis@gmail.com – Subject: How Do I Get My FREE Sample – Include your postal address and I will send you a sample of our Amazing Coffee!

This article was published on 06.04.2019 by Tony Chavis
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