Travel and MLM- A Match Made in Heaven?


The travel industry has long been the largest industry in the world with over $7.58 trillion dollars being spent in 2014 according to Forbes. And this makes sense intuitively RIGHT? I mean when have you ever gone to an empty airport or have a flight captain tell you to GET OFF the FLIGHT because there aren't enough passengers on board to take off? EXACTLY! NEVER!

This is why when i saw my current company's presentation for the first time it just made sense to get on board as soon as possible because it meshed these two aspects together, of the travel industry and the Network Marketing industry which led to my success and thousands of people around the world. (Check out what I'm talking about here!)

I know of many companies who reward their representatives with, you guessed it, TRAVEL and I often giggle at the thought because I know that a lot of these reps, who are SO INTERESTED IN TRAVEL and enjoy it so much would do a lot better in my own company because they've been in love with the product long before they heard anything about what the company has to offer them!

The travel industry is expected to double in the following decade despite the impending economic crashes and recessions which speaks a lot about the IMPORTANCE of the travel industry. And this was another reason why it was so easy to get in and make money- people have to travel no matter the state of the world.

It there was an MLM in education or medicine it would be the same situation, because just like how people will always have to travel, people will always need medication and education!

The company me and my team have invested ourselves in is currently the second fastest growing company on the planet in the Network Marketing Industry and this is not only due to the phenomenal team and management but it's mainly due to the product and the niche that the company placed itself in and now is so far ahead of the competition that they aren't even in view

So the question Is travel and MLM a match made in heaven?  would be answered by a simple yes, and that's because not only is travel booming, but in the current economic situation where people don't have the time and usually not the money to go back to School to get "EDUCATED" in an orthodox fashion and get a regular job, people are looking for results in the shortest amount of time possible, and believe me, if YOU KNEW WHAT I KNEW ABOUT MY COMPANY, YOU'D GET THE RESULTS QUICKER THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE!

Check it out here and feel free to contact us with any questions!

This article was published on 04.11.2015 by Yadav Timmal
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