How to Recruit More MLM Leaders

Today, I'd like to take a few minutes and share an easier way to recruit more MLM Leaders. Actually, I'm going to share several things you can do to find quality people for your network marketing business. These tips are listed in no particular order. 

# 1 Recruit Entrepreneurs

The first thing you should do is look for entrepreneurs to recruit into your network marketing business. Most entrepreneurs are looking for an exit strategy from their primary business. 

Plus, they don't mind investing in a business. Entrepreneurs won't complain about auto-ship, or the sign-up costs, because they are accustomed to investing large amounts of money in their primary business. 

Furthermore, entrepreneurs are natural risk takers to some degree. They took the risk to start their own business, so it's highly likely they won't be skeptical of your business. 

Finally, entrepreneurs are doers. They are producers. They are good at hitting deadlines and getting the job done. All of these qualities make a great MLM Leader. 

# 2 Recruit People with Leadership Experience

Look for people who supervise others. Look for people who volunteer in leadership roles in civic organizations. Look for people who are former politicians. Look for people in upper management positions. Look for people who have coached some type of team in the past.  Look for military veterans. 

When you recruit someone with leadership experience into your business, you make your life much easier.  You might have to teach them a few things initially, but they will have the self-motivation and personality to take the bull by the horns and run with the business (in most cases). 

# 3 Recruit People Who Are Ultra Successful

Look for people who are ultra-successful at whatever they do for a living. Look for people at the top of their game. They don't have to be a high income earner to be ultra-successful. Maybe they were a state champ athlete in high school. Maybe they received prestigious awards for their achievements at work. Ultra-successful people are go-getters. They are normally great MLM leaders as well. 

# 4 Recruit Influencers

We all know the influential person who can get a big crowd to listen to them when they speak, either in person or online. Brainstorm a list of the most influential people you know, both online and offline. Reach out to them and see if they are open to looking at your business opportunity. Recruiting just one good influencer can transform your business. 

# 5 Identify Leaders in Depth

One of the best places to look for MLM leaders is in your own team. If you have a team of 100 or more people, there's a good chance you have 1-3 good leaders in that group. 

Take the time to identify them and then cultivate a relationship with them. Act as if you personally sponsored them, even if you didn't, and help them with their business (if they want your help). 

The Magic Question

Here's a magic question I found to help me find leaders for my MLM Business. I ask every prospect and every new person on my team the following question: "Who is the most motivated, successful, entrepreneurial type person you know?" Once they give me the answer, I then reach out to that person on their behalf. 

My Best Tip

My best tip is to be the type of person you want to sponsor.  Leaders are attracted to other leaders. Work on your own leadership skills and qualities so you are a person of value, and people want to do business with you. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are some simple things you can do to recruit more MLM leaders. I hope you found the information helpful. 

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This article was published on 19.08.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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