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The Kind of Validation of which Networkers Dream

How many times in the direct sales and network marketing industry has there been an incidence where a nutritional, plant based, functional food has been so effective that medical professionals, health insurance type companies and other non-profits want to be aligned with the company that offers it?

Allow me to introduce to you Cell-a-brate, the functional food, nutritional supplement if you will, from the company Alovea.

As you can see from this video more than one research scientist with groundbreaking discovery has donated their functional food technology to Alovea who in turn has put them all together into a tasty chewable, Cell-a-brate.

In the last year a world leading cancer researcher found Alovea and after doing her own research into the science of the products is incorporating them into her Brain Cancer research and is achieving results like no medical research has ever seen.

In the last year the Brain and Body Foundation, a medical non-profit working with Nigerian children who have Sickle Cell has been feeding these children this functional food, has received funding from the Nigerian government to move forward with trials since they have never found anything that offers these children with the kind of improvement seen using Alovea’s functional food.

As you may know all over the globe there is a network of child traffickers. These kidnapped children get sold as slaves, sex slaves, some are even dismembered, and their body parts sold. An organization, Operation Underground Railroad, has formed to find and apprehend such evil people and bring them to justice. Also, as the children are rescued, they are taken to safe houses to rehab them, so they are no longer broken mentally, physically, socially and spiritually children who are being placed back into life as most people know it. While in captivity the children are treated like human debris that can be disposed of so mal nourishment has to be addressed big time. This is where, as of May 2020, Operation Underground Railroad chose to team up with Alovea because of their scientifically validated functional food. Presently there are homes in 2 different countries in Africa working with 1000 kids.

Most recently a non-profit company that, in essence, provides health insurance, realized that paying out never ending medical bills is unsustainable and are beginning a program where their customers will consume the Alovea, Cell-a-brate, to be proactive with their health.

Can you imagine how after a year of 250,000 people being proactive and finding that they don’t need to go to a doctor as often or are finding that their doctor takes them off of a considerable amount of medications how the medical Insurance industry will take notice and medicine as we know it will be changed forever?

Wouldn’t you want to be involved with the company making all of this happen?

Let’s do it! Are you ready? Together we will change the world!  

This article was published on 21.10.2020 by Doug Dye
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Doug Dye  3 years ago
Doug Dye Jerry the link is in the 2nd paragraph. With your permission and your email I will send you one that goes more into detail. It is less than 30 mins.  3 years ago
Jerry Caterino Doug - Where is the link? - Jerry  3 years ago

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