BF SUMA Products and Opportunity

BF SUMA started its natural medicine manufacturing factory in Los Angeles, USA in 2006 and began operations as an MLM company in Africa and USA over 10 years ago. The parent company is a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical of over 26 years with two factories in China, one in Hong Kong and a recent addition in Germany. The company is high in continuous health research and development and has all its products backed by all relevant certifications including FDA GMP and the best five cutting edge technologies namely, Amino Acid Chelation Technology (AAC), Nano Transderm Technology, Macroporous Absorption Resin Technology, Combined Cyro-enzyme & Dual Micronization Technology and Membran Technology. All these combined to give credence to the efficacy of the products by end users. As a successful MLM, BF SUMA continues to see its happy independent distributors in Africa grow into hundreds of thousands in the last 10 years.

Our natural health products are affordable and include nutritional and medicinal products for men's, women's, children's and senior citizens' health. Some products for men’s health include the X-power coffee for men; a natural aphrodisiac with ginseng extract that helps men improve sexual performance, semen quality and energy and stamina during sex. The X-power capsules for men in addition to the health benefits of its coffee version also helps to fight fatigue and exhaustion and prevents male impotence and erectile dysfunction. Our ProstaRellax capsules help men maintain a healthy prostate and manage urinary dysfunction.

For women, our Ferminergy capsules are rich in anti-oxidants and help to maintain youthful and smooth skin. Also, our FemiCare solution is formulated to help against all forms of vaginal infections, discharge, unpleasant odour and itchiness. And for men and women wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, the Ez-Xlim is a revolutionary product that helps burn fat without having to starve or missing your favourite foods. It is a product backed with years of cutting edge research and helping users lose weight in a non-threatening way.

The elderly and senior citizens can also enjoy our wide range of effective bone and joint care products that help to eliminate unnecessary pains and avoidable medical expenses. One of our flagship products, Pure and Broken Ganoderma Spores is enjoyed by everyone and helps to balance cholesterol level, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and inhibits the growth of tumour and cancerous cells.

Last but not least, our multivitamins for children helps in their excellent wellbeing all year round.

One of the unique features of BF SUMA Marketing Plan is the endless depth and infinite generations that an active distributor can earn. Also, there is no flushing of points whatsoever as points are cumulative throughout the lifetime of the business. These are some of the features that make our Marketing Plan one of the best in the industry.

As an experienced MLM leader and practitioner in the industry, who has built growing followership across major cities in Africa, I invite you to join the teeming population of happy and successful BF SUMA distributors, today. If the business is not yet in your country, kindly contact me on how to get started and become a leading distributor in your country, too.

This article was published on 06.02.2019 by Mike Ajao
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Thokozani Thabethe Hi Mike, Please let me know if you will rollout in South Africa... Email:  2 years ago

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