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I started Zrii 4 months ago as a consumer of the product because I wanted to try something natural that would help me with my health problems. It is the first time I develop a network. I am a professional pianist with a graduate degree in master education. Have more than 12 years of teaching experience. Why did I start this business? First, after trying out the products specially the juice, my digestive problems such as heartburn have been improving without using pills or antiacids. Another reason for starting Zrii as a networker is that after working for more than 12 years in a university, I received a letter from work telling me that they wouldn’t hire me more due to the university’s economic problems. Does it sound familiar to you?

Since I didn’t knew about networks I found a page with the top 25 companies. I spent around 2 hours searching in each one to see what were their products and their compensation plan. One of the things I found out after this search was that among those 25 companies, Zrii is the only that has natural products made with a traditional medicine from India, the ayurvedic medicine. It has existed for over more than 5000 years and approved by the World Health Organization as a medical system. The other reasons to develop this network are: the company is at its starting point this means, that it can be “easier” to work for that residual income. It’s not a traditional MLM where the people who are at the lowest level can’t gain money than their upline because it is not competitive, it is collaborative work. The company in less than 8 years has expanded internationally: USA Canada Mexico South America Southeast Asia and going to expand to more countries. The products are guaranteed, endorsed by the Chopra Center founded by Dr Deepak Chopra M.D. for people who want to improve health in body and spirit. Dr. Chopra is one of the members of Zrii along with its founder Bill Farley known as the billionaire man and Chris Gardner known for the movie the Pursuit of Happiness. The health and skincare products are high quality ones. Skin care products have 2 patented technologies that only Zrii has

The education system Zrii has is great; you are helped from different people no matter your or their rank and no matter if you’re not in their team. Educational doesn’t only mean you learn about financial topics but you also learn to manage and get rid of many "monster" you a re afraid of. You also learn about emotional intelligence.

I invite you to look at the following links and to join.

This article was published on 15.11.2016 by Daniela Silva
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Zrii - nutrition skincare, 150 USD to join

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Mike Roberts Hi Mike here am also into Networing and maybe we can exchange emails to move fwd.  3 years ago
Kari Leggett Danielle, my husband and I were recently in Columbia. Its nice to have somewhat of a picture of your country. Lovely weather!  3 years ago
Daniela Silva Thanks Michael.  3 years ago
Michael Marley Nice announcement. I think you represent Zrii very well and I wish you the best with it. Zrii seems to be a solid company.   3 years ago

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