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Save when you use fuel

Fuel (petrol, diesel & bio-diesel) We all need fuel to either run a business or to get to work!

Have you noticed that fuel goes down by 1 cent foe example but always increases by 4 cents?

I would like to share information about a company called SYNTEK GLOBAL! A company helping

people to save money at the the petrol/gas station. Imagine getting more mileage/kilometers

on the same tank of fuel.

Add a comprehensive fuel treatment from Syntek Global called XFT-Xtreme Fuel Treatment into

fuel tanks of cars, buses, trucks, generators, just to name a few and experience the following


XFT is a green fuel treatment to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust into our air- reduce air pollution. 

XFT allows fuel to burn sooner and longer in the combustion chamber, giving your kilometers

on the same tank of fuel.

XFT when added into fuel, cleans pistons, injectors and the fuel system.

There are many more benefits and all will be explained on my fuel website:

XFT has been tested and proven to work in the mining sector, farming sector, industrial sector and transport sector.

I invite you to place an order, we deliver to your door!

Information about the company:

It’s true that great ideas can often have humble beginnings.

LivElite International (the parent company of the Syntek automotive product line) began when two friends were shooting the breeze.

In 2008, Curt Ence and Kirk Newman shared a car on their way to an appointment. Their discussion turned to how society has become chained to the roller coaster ups and downs of gas prices, and yet even the most expensive gas still produced emissions that harmed the environment. Curt and Kirk used an incredible fuel treatment in their own cars that had been used in industrial equipment for two decades, with impressive results. And an idea was born—why not bring this comprehensive fuel treatment to the public so that everyone could save money, protect their engines, and reduce emissions one car at a time?

Over 3 billion miles later, our flagship product, XFT, is still making engines run better all over the globe.

For our customers, XFT helps their engines run at peak performance—which means better gas mileage, more horsepower, and longer engine life. For everyone else, XFT helps reduce emissions—which means cleaner air for everything that calls our planet home.

This article was published on 26.10.2019 by Jose Julius
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