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My Lead Gen Secret generation platform

My Lead Gen Secret is a lead generation platform created by one Jim

Harmon. The system is designed to help marketers with the cultivation

of potential customers (leads) for a product or a service.

In other words, they will send you 100 leads every day for $1 per day

on autopilot. If you own an online business, you have a product of your

own, or you are promoting other people’s products, you need as much

leads as possible because the more leads you get, the more sales you

can make. Therefore, platforms like My Lead Gen Secret could be

useful to test your product in a cold market.

On the good side of things, My Lead Gen Secret platform can help with

the conversions as well. They have an integrated auto-responder that

allows you to communicate with your leads and thus, improve your

conversion rates.

Lead Generation Model

You can send an email per day to your list to open communication and

get them more interested. This, however, requires some copywriting

and marketing skills that you have to acquire on your own.

That is why I would recommend My Lead Gen Secret to 


My best advice is to start with freebies like eBooks or webinars to get

their attention. This could lead to more conversion down the road.

In a nutshell, My Lead Gen Secret works as a lead provider. On you sign

up to become a member, you’ll get an option to activate 100 leads per

day for $1 per day, which translated into 3000 leads per month for


You can use these leads to send them to your own website, product, or


Or you can join platforms like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and others, and

send traffic to products you like to try to earn an income from sales.

With the first option, you’ll have to build a website or a sales funnel.

Then, you have to send your leads to your site where you start the


This is recommended way to leverage My Lead Gen Secret because it’s

more personal and will lead to trust and sales.

My Lead Gen Secret - Funnel Stage

Once your leads realize that you’re a real person, and you can help

them in some way, they might decide to become your customers.

It’s a long process to create trust, but it works better in the long run.

As I said, you can also send your leads directly to landing pages for

products from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and other online


This tactic might be faster because you’re not trying to open a channel

of communication, but there are no guarantees here either.

In short, you send them to a product from ClickBank, for example. And

each time one of your leads decides to purchase the product, you earn

a commission. The method is called affiliate marketing.

There’s also a third way you can leverage the My Lead Gen Secret

system. You can market the platform itself and earn an income as an


For this method to work, you’ll have to work on your own sources of

traffic because I highly doubt that the leads you get are going to


But, it’s worth trying, though.

All in all, My Lead Gen Secret seems like a good product. I was

concerned that it might be a scam, but after seeing everything, I’m

sure that it is legit.

Once you join the My Lead Gen Secret platform, you’ll be welcomed with an upsell. I was happy to see that there’s only one upsell and it’s valuable. You can purchase 30 email swipes written by Jim Harmon himself for $30 one time.

This is a good option for those of you who lack marketing skills. Maybe Jim could help.

How about money-nack guarantee?

There’s a refund policy in place. If you don’t like My Lead Gen Secret, you can apply for a refund during the first 30 days since the purchase.

Having a bail-out option is always a good idea. Moreover, it’s a sign that Jim’s product is not a scam.

My Lead Gen Secrets Compensation Plan

As I mentioned earlier in My Lead Gen Secret review, you can also earn an income by promoting the platform to other people.

In this case, you’ll earn a commission for each membership you sell, and here’s the compensation plan in more details:

You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1)

You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they support (Level 3), $2/month on Level 4 and $1/month on level 5.

Level 1: $5/month

Level 2: $4/month

Level 3: $3/month

Level 4: $2/month

Level 5: $1/month

One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95 pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.

Once you start promoting the platform, you’re going to get qualified for special bonuses too:

Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest – you can win a $100 bonus by referring five new members in a week. Moreover, there’s no limit. If you get 15 new customers, you earn a $300 bonus and so on.

Earn Bonus Leads – you can double your leads from 100 per day to 200 per day by referring just one new member to the platform. You’ll receive this bonus as long as the member remains active.Get Full Access Here

This article was published on 26.10.2021 by Emmanuel Smith
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