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For years now I have successfully resisted supplement companies that used multilevel marketing to promote their products. My reason was not just that I had an aversion to signing people up to get a discount on products, or that the opportunity seemed to good to be true. My focus was that the products all had toxins or added preservatives that I earnestly try to avoid in my food. Now I have been introduced to a company that has most everything I am looking for myself that I would be comfortable sharing with my family and friends.

Not only are the products and methods of manufacturing far above any other I have researched, but the financial plan is one of the best out there! I must admit that I am not as learned about these programs, but I do have a partner in this business who is - and I trust her research and background. I am excited to share these products and have tried several that are making a difference in my well-being. Look into the plan, the products and invest in your future health and wealth by investing in this opportunity. The business is completely debt free and pays 67% back into the field (the average is 30-40). What that means is you have the chance to earn more thn any other plan or product line with Sisel International!

Here is more about the opportunity

·         Our company is 100% debt free, started on a cash investment by the billionaire owner, and has a $250 million infrastructure. The owner sold his previous 26 year old company due to divorce for $1 billion.  It was the 5th largest company in this industry & one of only 12 companies doing $1 billion dollars annual revenue.

·         Listed in “The Obtainer”, the largest MLM magazine in the world with millions of world wild subscribers, it was the Best Opportunity to join per the facts that follow.

·         67% commissions are paid out to the field (industry average is 30-40%), incorporates dynamic compression 10 levels deep in a unilevel plan offering unlimited personal recruiting potential, & has a $1500 car bonus program.

·         They operate in 40 countries with a global seamless pay plan and no recruiting limitations.

·         This company is protected in a unique 250 year Dynasty Trust that can’t be sold, loaned against, taken public, and won’t diminish the percentages to their pay plan. Therefore, it is a stable future for all distributors.

·         State of the Art 440,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant (largest MLM plant in the world) with their own R&D lab to test and control all products and ingredients. They never use controversial or harmful ingredients (herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s and over 800 other substances are not allowed in the plant) .

·         Certified Good Manufacturing Practice, National Sanitation Foundation certified, and follow stricter laws in EU & Japan, not USDA 95% rule.

·         256 products currently in their line, all toxin free to address 6 different industry demands:

o   $200 billion Coffee: healthy coffee & tea that helps you lose weight made from delicious Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Beans and four health promoting supplements in four flavors.

o   $120 billion Home Products:  detergents, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.  No potentially harmful ingredients.

o   $25 billion Longevity: Nobel Prize for Medicine & Patent Office Genius of the Year winning technology that creates biological activity in cells to heal and reverse ageing.

o   $245 billion Beauty:  all skin care & mineral based make up products are toxin free.

o   $135 billion Weight Loss: meal replacement protein shakes, thermogenic creating tablets, & fat encapsulation.

o   Hydrogen diatomic water filtration system: hook up at home, creates H2 within H2O to go through cell membranes that attach to free radical O2,  using the science of over 700 studies on diatomic hydrogen.

The best part of this company is the efficacy and purity of their products, sound company structure, and a strong active up line support. Steve Farr, our business partner and up line leader previously formulated nutritional products and consulted for 22 years with hundreds of companies, however, he never accepted any position offered from any MLM.  After serving three years as the Vice President of this company, he resigned to start at ground zero for the first time as a distributor.  Based on his vast experience with MLM’s, this is the company he was looking for and thought he would never find. He now has 100 people a day joining his downline, giving him a 6 figure monthly income.
When you dig deeper, this company just gets better and better.  Feel free to call my business partner TerriLois Gregory anytime at 785.222.0445. Be sure to mention my name!

Here is my link to the company. Please give me a call or email me for more information.

This article was published on 17.05.2016 by Cheryl Morgan
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Leonie Henskie Wow I was with Neways for many years and wondered what had happened to Tom Mower. Have always loved the principles that Tom used and loved the products from the former company.  7 years ago

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