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Seriously! Lost 10 lbs and 2.5 from my waist in 14 days.

Well, it is spring of 2022 and people are beginning to think of spring weddings and headed to the beach for summer vacation. What scares them the most is the fat they’ve put on over the winter. It doesn’t have to anymore!

This 2nd week of April Alovea is launching the most innovative way to lose body fat then ever before. Some have called it a revolution while the scientist who developed it called it a renaissance. Why renaissance? The science of Bio-Res is as old as creation.

One hundred years ago Nikola Tesla stated that everything, that’s everything, has an electrical frequency, the sun, plants, even humans. When humans eat plants we take in what frequencies are still alive in them. The longer the plant has been removed from the ground or has been cooked the more that plant loses the frequencies we need to function properly.

Recently a Dr. Wilson has been able to find what plants give humans the best ability to feel full and not crave sweets, or for that matter, food. Plus, for the body to burn fat the metabolism has to function properly. Dr. Wilson has discovered which plants allow the 2 sides of the metabolism to turn on and off morning and evening to be able to burn fat around the clock.

Unlike so many other companies who have countless plant-based diet products Dr. Wilson went 1 step further. Dr. Wilson has been able to extract the energy the plants take in from the sun and put THAT into water. Pure, filtered water. Placing plant matter into water allows the energy to, for lack of better words, evaporate. By placing the pure energy into the water now you’re on track to burn fat 24/7.

Spraying 7 sprays of the Turbo product in the morning and after lunch sets the sympathetic side of the metabolism in motion and with just a simple protein and clean fat meal you start burning fat through the day. Then at bedtime 7 sprays of the product called Sleep allows the parasympathetic side of the metabolism to kick in giving the body the ability to go into a deep restful sleep which allows the body to have the proper time to recalculate everything that went on that day and goes into fat burning and repair mode.

What some are saying about this new Bio-Resonant technology is that it will turn the fat/weight loss industry on its head.

What does that mean for you? Can you imagine getting in at the ground floor of a weight loss industry and building a networking team of others ready and excited to build their team of other excited networkers? The weight loss industry is presently close to a $200 Billion dollar industry and predicted to grow to close to $300 billion in a matter of years. How much of that business do you want? Are you seeing the big picture? Let’s connect. Want to see and hear Dr. Wilson tell of his discovery? I'll send the link. Are you ready?

This article was published on 12.04.2022 by Doug Dye
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