15 Ideas To Help Your Write Awesome Business Announcements On MLM Gateway


Ever think you should write a business announcement, but have no clue what about.

Most people will write one or two about their company, then no more.

The idea to make business announcements work for you, is to keep them coming on a regular basis.

Keep fresh content brewing on MLM Gateway, and keep yourself in front of potential customers and business partners.

So tell help you get over this problem of "Not knowing what to write about", I am sharing with you 15 ideas to help you write awesome business announcements on MLM Gateway.

1. Your company's accomplishments - something new happen in your company? Write about it.

2. Each individual product - Each individual product your company has can become a business announcement itself.

3. Testimonies - Did someone give a testimony on how a product you have helped their condition? Now you have several ideas, each it's own business announcement.

4. Accomplishments - Did you sign up a new rep? Let us know about it! Perhaps even how you did it?

5. Strategies - Did you discover a new strategy? Each one can be it's own piece of content.

6. Mindset - Got something powerful on mindset to share? 

7. What did you learn today? - Did you learn something new on a webinar that helped you? Let others know so they can get that help too.

8. Tips - Got tips to help with social media or marketing?

9. Each individual social platform - Do you know something cool that works on Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Here are several business announcements you can create, each concentrating on one platform.

10. Prospecting - Did you learn something new when you talked to a prospect? Share you experiences of prospecting and how you handled them.

11. Sponsoring - Know some cool tricks with sponsoring? Share them.

12. What not to do - Do you see people making mistakes? Let us know what you think may be hurting the industry.

13. List Building - Do you have something to share on building a list?

14. Offline Marketing - know something that works well offline? Share it.

15. Success Stories - Perhaps you were inspired by your own or someone else's success story?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really break each topic down, you can create several pieces of content to continue writing new business announcements with.

For example, just sharing Facebook strategies can be several business announcements if you focus on just one Facebook strategy. Same goes for all the rest too.

Have fun writing new business announcements!

Did This Help?

If this gave you a new idea or inspires you to write more business announcements, then please leave a comment below. Also, send me over a connection request and we'll get connected! I accept all requests!

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This article was published on 09.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Hey Gregg, you can still use the concept above and just flip it into BTC announcements. The more people that hear about it, the more the odds are.  1 year ago
Gregg Laikin https://crypto-builder.com/back_office  1 year ago
Gregg Laikin I have a computer that doesn't deal with Facebook but does better on Skype.  1 year ago
Gregg Laikin I like this but I'm trying to get people to donate $20 BTC towards this sign up Crypto-Builder.com   1 year ago

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