Do you believe in Equal Justice for everyone under the law?

Unfortunately you can only get as much justice as you can afford. Most lawyers couldn't even afford to hire themselves. With an ever increasingly legalistic society, the need has never been greater to have an advocate on your side. We actually do use lawyers every day only they aren't looking out for our interest but the big corporations. LegalShield wants to change that.

LegalShield has been fighting this cause since 1972. We have conquered the biggest of hurdles to further this righteous cause. From initially battling insurance oversee committees and attorney generals to now being endorse by them.

“LegalShield allows ordinary business owners and citizens to have the quality representation every American needs when entering a courthouse or evaluating legal avenues.” Karen White, Executive Director, Conference of  Western Attorneys General (CWAG)

We have made great strides by protecting almost 5 million families and over 45,000 small businesses but there is so much more to do. We have already disrupted the legal industry by making it affordable to everyone. Now with Jeff Bell (former executive at Microsoft responsible for growing XBox live from 4 to 14 million users in 2 years) now leading the way, we have now also made it simpler. Our LegalShield app now gives you access to top rated attorneys at a push of a button 24hrs/day for emergencies and during normal business hours for day to day issues. You now can consult an attorney who specializes in the field of your question on an unlimited number of issues and talk for as long as it takes to get clarity so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Imagine the empowering feeling of having a lawyer in the palm of your hand for whatever you need regardless of how trivial or traumatic. Imagine the satisfaction of helping a mother save her home from foreclosure, or keeping your child out of jail simply from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Imagine not worrying about identity theft because you have Kroll, the #1 risk management company in the world on call to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make you whole again.

Join us on this 45+ year mission to give every American equal access to the legal system we have been priced out for so long. Help us protect every family against the consequences of identity theft. Make a living while making a difference.

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This article was published on 28.09.2018 by Christopher Rolen
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LegalShield - Legal and Identity, 99 USD to join

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