Believe in the power of yourself!

I am Licensed Psychotherapist, Vision Coach, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. I've been in and out of the networking industry for 30 years and retired about 10 years ago. I came out of networking retirement recently for something that blew my mind, even though I SWORE I would never look at another company, and even though I couldn't use the product yet! Maybe you're asking why I'd sworn it off because, after all, it IS a great industry and all business that we do is truly based on networking with others anyway...right? Well, I was successful on the product side and loved the companies I was involved with. BUT...I never focused on the team building, even though that IS where the leveraging comes in at, because I got "stuck" in my head. 

I got trapped by the thoughts that I didn't know "enough" powerful people - people who'd been in networking or wanted to be or have a "big" list. Trapped by the thoughts that I wasn't "good enough" - that others would see me as some scammer or pushy person. Trapped by the thoughts that I'd lose friends or family. The thoughts that maybe those "others" who were REALLY successful had something special and that I didn't. And then I learned, through the years of being a professional in my life's work, that it was never about any of that. It was about how I didn't truly believe in me.

I didn't believe in the power I had within to make a difference in the networking world with a product or service because it was the networking world - or mlm's as others refer to the field. I believed 1 million percent in the power within me (my talents and gifts) to help change lives in my life's work - as a therapist and coach...but not in this "other" area.  I didn't believe that I had what it took to overcome those little pesky voices in my head (even though that IS what I coach others through - ahh...we experience what we most need to learn right?) when it came to talking to people about this product or service I had and about joining my team. And it wasn't about the "NO" - the rejection. I never cared about that. Shoot, I'm a therapist - I'm not going to be the best or "right" fit for everyone and so I knew that my company and opportunity wasn't always going to be the best or right fit for everyone! No, it was about not believing in me - that I could believe in something so deeply, so passionately, so completely, that those voices would be quiet and I would be able to share with others simply because they needed to know something I knew and they didn't. 

And so when I was introduced to the FIRST ever, transdermal, FDA registered and NDC Coded, over-the-counter Human Growth Hormone that is safe, effective, and inexpensive (compared to going to your Doctor and getting HGH injectables at high costs and potentially dangerous side effects), I KNEW I had to come out of retirement and quiet those voices that had plagued me for 30 years in this field. I knew that lives could be helped in untold and unbelievable ways - for it's a 14 year proven product that just came to the networking arena.

And so, here I am...realizing that all of my work, with all of the thousands of clients I've dealt with over 22+ years as a therapist, was really to help me learn how to quell those final little voices in MY head that told me I couldn't believe in myself because of this, or that...and it was all a lie. Because here I am, writing this to you, and proving that I now stand in a space of belief that is so deep, so powerful, and so unstoppable, that I will get that book I finished off to my publisher this year, share this amazing product with anyone and everyone who will listen, and continue to change lives by walking as partners with people on this journey of life who are ready for change and ready for growth. Are you one of them? 

If you are and have a passion for changing lives, whether it's within the networking world or not, hit me up and let's chat...maybe there'll be a way we can help one another. For the truth is, YOU ARE powerful - you just don't remember that you are! 

Wishing you a peaceful journey and one that helps others,


This article was published on 13.08.2018 by Susan Dascenzi
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Susan Dascenzi And to add...I think mindset is MOST critical in network marketing. If we don't change our mindset, nothing in our business or growth will change. Believe in YOU!   1 year ago
Susan Dascenzi And wishing YOU the best Bob in all that you do, for we really ARE all in this together! :)  1 year ago
Susan Dascenzi SO very true Bob! Thank you for the kind words!! :) It's not hard to be's hard only to take the first step and know that we are!   1 year ago
Bob Rowland Wishing you the Very best in your Life Susan & Your Success in Business. It is so nice to meet Like-Minded individuals like you and myself! We can do & be anything in Life we want!  1 year ago
Bob Rowland Great Story of a Great life Susan, This Powerful woman has what many of us hopes to get and that is the courage to go on your own and Build a Great Life in Health & Wealth.   1 year ago

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