How Are You Marketing Your MLM Business? (Biz Series, Episode 1)

Learning to effectively promote, advertise, market and sell products online should be available to all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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All business starts with selling. In the quad of promotion, advertising, marketing and sales, the most important thing to look at first is how to create an effective advertisement. Nothing else matters if your prospective customer has no awareness of your brand, product or service.

  1. Do you know how to write an effective ad copy, business announcement OR respond effectively to a direct message (DM) in interest to your product?
  2. What happened to the lost art of advertising?
  3. Why do some MLM Entrepreneurs grow wealthy while the others FAIL miserably?

In this MLM Gateway Platform thru Business Announcements, I will give you the recipe for the lost art of promotion, advertising, marketing and sales via social media. I will also give tips, advice and best practices in crafting the header and the body of Ad copy, business announcements and responding effectively to a direct message (DM) when someone expresses interest in your MLM Company or a product that you sell. My only requirements are that you listen attentively, apply the concepts to your own business or a client’s business, and consider the social platforms I use to promote, advertise, market and sell via social media as I disclose their practical application and uses.

Let us look at this subject of advertising objectively. There are two sides to consider: 1) the art of advertising, and 2) the science of advertising. Social media has created many advertising platforms that address the science in advertising with targeting features and segmentation of the audiences by likes and follow, demographics, gender, age groups, geo-location and interests. 

But, what of the lost art of advertising?

Advertising is simply written salesmanship. It is an effective means of multiplying the work of a salesman. Constructive advertising is to reach a thousand customers for every one customer a salesman could have reached orally.

It is also a means of discovering and developing new customers where they were not previously known to exist. I mention these facts because very few have the actual concept of authentic advertising.

Constructive advertising is just salesmanship multiplied. If you multiply nothing by ten thousand you still have nothing as a result. If you present a picture, write a catchy-phrase, or mention the name of a company, product or service a thousand times you have comparatively nothing as a result.

But if you multiply one thousand times a good, strong, clearly expressed Reason-Why, the reader will buy the product you want to sell. You have impressed through advertising, one thousand more people with that Reason-Why than if it had been told verbally to one person by the same salesman. The objective is to convince readers that they should buy the product you want to sell.

As the true art of authentic advertising is a ‘word-smith’ that convinces you to BUY, so is the science of advertising a ‘hunter’ of customer location. Social Media has truly created advertising platforms with the location of the customer specific to their interests. So, I will concentrate on what language in the header and body of the Ad convinces you to BUY!

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Stay tuned for the next Business Announcement as I explore ‘art of advertising’ further!

This article was published on 25.04.2021 by Todd Mann
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Debra Reaves Thank you, Todd, for this informative BA. I can't wait for the next installment!  1 year ago

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