This Type of Target Audience can help you build a team fast

So lets face it, we can all agree that the number one way to stay in business is to have a consistent flow of leads right? While its true that leads are a life blood of a business, it holds somewhat of a merit. Just having leads isn’t enough IT IS THE TYPE OF LEADS that counts the most.

The truth about targeting everyone

What many network marketers do is that they target anyone and everyone who is within three foot of them. Sure you may get a couple of people interested but most likely don’t or even need what you are offering. You want to target people who already have a mindset of wanting to go into business for themselves and in this particular instance OTHER NETWORK MARKETERS.

Why would other Network Marketers join me?

Now you may be thinking “Aren’t they focus on there business” or “Why would they do another opportunity?” The answer to both of those are it has to benefit then. It is o different then targeting an audience for products. Now this rule of thumb is for active network marketers. What I mean is that you may be in a business that offers many different products to where a marketer is in a business that does the opposite. Let’s say you find a marketer who is in credit repair and you are in financial services. That marketers could find that financial services can benefit them because it can be an option to offer their current and new clients. Another reason would be that they may not be satisfied with the company they are in and may be looking for something else. Many marketers change companies for various reasons so you could talk to the right person.

Former Marketers are a goldmine

For former marketers they also can be a target for various reason. As with active marketers the main one is that they may have not been satisfied with their previous company and decided to drop out. Or they could not be interested with what the company has to offer. Either way they are likely still interested in marketing just looking for the right opportunity.

No need to break down the philosophy of network marketing

Another good reason is they these types of individuals understand about how network marketing works so likely you won’t have to give additional time explain to about that part. If they are drawn to your opportunity they will join.

What if they don’t want to join me

Now of course not all network marketers will join or not be interested in your opportunity particularly ones how are happy with their business. What fi I told you could still offer them something that could benefit them by giving them more leads for their business? I mean who is really going to say no to more leads right? Now I can show you a system that targets network marketers for your business but can still be use for people who say no to your opportunity.

Hope this information helps you!

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This article was published on 15.06.2019 by Miles Washington
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