The Worst MLM Company Ever -- DO NOT JOIN (or have you already?)


Imagine that.

Someone is writing about the worst MLM company ever.

Now, do not get me wrong, I have my opinion on that matter. And I even have my opinion on the worst team or group of people to join as well (my first ever MLM experience on top of that)

But what we want to look at today, is what trully is the worst MLM company ever?

Or better yet, what is the worst MLM company you personally could join?

What Company You Should Never Join

It's not hard to decide this. Because every person is different, and truth is, every MLM company out there has potential to succeed.

But for you, the company you should never join, is the company that uses products you either never use, don't understand, or does not fit with you.

Never join a company for the money. All MLM companies will pay you large amounts of money, if you succeed of course. So choosing a company ONLY for it's comp plan, will lead to disaster.

My Personal Success

For me, I had very good success with a specific company, that no longer exists. However, the product was amazing, and I truly loved and believed in it. For that reason, people wanted to try the product.

The company did not fail for having bad products, but from marketing errors. 

So I want to point out, look for a company that has a good product, that you believe in.

If you do not love the product, and join for the comp plan only, you run the risk of either failing or developing a reputation of being a phony.

Company's Without Duplication Systems

Now, any company that does not have a way to duplicate, or a system behind it for duplication, I personally do not like to join.

The reason is, because most people who join in MLM businesses, well....

They do not actually work as hard or talk to as many people as myself or the leaders do.

This is why I always look for a company that uses a duplication type system, to help those I sponsor into getting their own signups. Even then some people will do nothing. But at least it helps to create more duplication for the largest part.

Companies Without Customers

Another major point in joining a MLM company, is if they focus only on builders, or customers as well.

Companies with happy customers who purchase month after month, regardless of a check, will be the highest residual for you.

So be sure to look for that. Look for how you will build or reach customers. Because you need a customer base, and a few leaders to really see the best results.

Final Decision For Worst MLM Company Ever

The company you do not like the product of, you do not duplicate with, and you have only joined for the comp plan.

That would be the worst MLM company ever for you.

There is no company that everyone can agree on (well, almost..LOL) but you can decide for yourself on what the worst company ever for you personally is.

Are You Happy With The MLM You Have?

If so, great.

And if you need more people to share this opportunity with, the MLM Recruit On Demand System will be the best way to do it.

Speaking to other MLM business owners, both past and present, will increase your ratio of signups.

This is a system that will deliver those "almost perfect" prospects to you without you ever having to purchase batches of leads over and over again. This is why I believe greatly in this system, and recommend it to anyone who is happy with the company they currently build in.

Not Happy With What Your MLM Company?

Well, it happens.

I've been there before myself. Perhaps you can look at the company I have recently found to be a very good company, with lots of growth ahead and a very highly duplicating system to boot CHECK IT OUT HERE

P.S Send me a connection request, and I will be happy to connect with you here on MLMGateway. I'll never bug you with joining anything, but will always be happy to help you out with lead generation, recruiting in your own company, and anything I can to benefit you regardless of you being on my team or not.

This article was published on 29.10.2016 by Jaye Carden
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