The correct decision you need to take to be ahead of time with your own Unicorn

Is it actually possible to have your own Unicorn business?

Back in 2013, a venture capitalist, Aileen Kay, did a study and wrote a report -

Entitled - Startups that became Unicorn Businesses.

Why the unusual title?

Because the report was about startup businesses that grew to a market value of One Billion Dollars or more within ten years.

Those are extremely rare. As you surely know, more startups FAIL before they last even five years. So, after that report came out, the businesses that do hit the Billion $ mark are called Unicorns.

Nothing much is rarer than a Unicorn, since they only exist in ancient mythology.

Of course, you know the names of some unicorns - Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, etc.

Unicorn businesses typically upset the apple cart of established firms with their 'established' thinking.

Such things in the past such as automobiles replacing horses. Telephones replacing human message carriers.

Currently we are all familiar with how Amazon has disrupted the local book store business.

For just over a year now I have been involved as a Founder in a business that will upset the apple cart of how business is conducted today, particularly online.

The concept of this future Unicorn actually began in June, 2018. I joined it on August 2nd last year.

Since its modest beginning it has grown until at this time of writing, there are 37,668 Founders from nearly Every Country in the World.

You can see this Unicorn here:

You may be wondering, why so long in between the idea and the launch?

We routinely see someone who has an idea for a business, builds a small website, and a week or a month later is open for business. Only trouble is, the website is frequently full of bugs. The 'idea' was just a variation of previous ideas, so most of the 'new' businesses we see are just copies of a previous business - with a few words in the comp plan changed.

Most importantly, the life span of the great, new, earth changing, better than sliced bread, business is less than six months.

You can build a 1000 square foot house in a couple of months. With a skyscraper, it will take a year or so just to lay the foundation. A Unicorn business is more like a skyscraper than a small bungalow.

Our Unicorn business will COMPLETELY change the FUTURE of internet marketing or the way money is made online. This System Will give you:

=> Real Time Guaranteed Visitors and Signups Done for You!

=> Breakthrough Products to Automate your Financial Freedom!

=> No Matter When You Join, or upgrade - the sooner the better, of course, you are Guaranteed to Earn!

=> Unique Breakthrough Automated System 1st Ever Created 'SET IT AND FORGET IT'

=> Automatically Advertises Your Affiliate Sites!

=> You Will Earn Daily - Go Do Your Work - Come Back and Cash out! In real time.

=> No Recruiting (Unless you Want To).

Fully Automated Marketing System > It Does Everything for You, plus, a Mind-Blowing Compensation Pay plan, designed to generate you money the rest of your Life!

Limited Founder Positions Available! The LAST public webinar before official launch was last Thursday, September 12th. You can watch it here:

OUR WORLD is about to change. You can join us and become part of the change, or watch us leave you in the dust. The bottom line is;

This is what many of us have been looking for - waiting for - for years or decades.

 An honest opportunity set up by an honest man, backed by honest leaders of the industry.

 The real winners here will be the people who help their friends and family become founders.

And all is takes is sharing this information to bless many others.

Now, I am blessing you with this information. Would you take up the challenge to become founder today?

You decide. What ever you decide, time will tell.

Every person you help become a founder now will be happily grateful for you. If you love them, help them to become prosperous in this opportunity with us. This will be a Unicorn - unlike any 'program' or 'business' you have ever seen.

The basic idea of networking or multi-level-marketing has been around for decades. Originally it was a simple idea wherein an average person could vastly improve his or her earnings quickly just by sharing the product or opportunity with a few others.

However, over the years schemers have perverted the basic idea BADLY - dreaming up complicated compensation plans that few could even understand - let alone actually earn any significant income with it.

Result: The infamous 97/3 ratio. 97% of the participants make little - if any money, and most simply LOSE money. The 3%, meanwhile make it big. The 3% are the originators, their friends, and early arrivals.

That is all changing now, because here - everything is All done FOR you, and the playing field is levelled for everyone to succeed – make money.

How many times have you read - or heard - "this program will be all DONE FOR YOU" - you don't have to do a thing? That is however seldom true. But that, you don't find out until you have lost your money.

We now have a COMPLETE system that really, REALLY will be ALL DONE FOR YOU.

 They realize that FINALLY it really is possible to:

 BE whatever you want to be.

HAVE whatever you want to have.

DO whatever you want to do.

DO it whenever you want to.

LIVE wherever you want to live.

HELP whomever you want to help.

CHANGE the world however you want to change it.

If you are tired of all the old ways of internet marketing that DO NOT WORK?

Come and see if you like the vision that we have.

The weather is really pleasant here. The rewards are fantastic. The worries are few. Peace and harmony reign. Start your own journey here:

See if YOU can SEE the vision.

1. Upon launch, you will first pick your Domain name (YOURS, not the company's).

2. You are not growing the 'company's' business as an affiliate. You are growing YOUR business with the company's Artificial Intelligence!

3. Basically this is a paid service. You pay for the service (at whatever level you wish), then the company builds YOUR business for you.

4. Every tool you would ever need to build your own internet business is included. BUT...

5. You don't need them unless you want to - because - marketing is ALL DONE FOR YOU.

6. We will make sure EVERYONE succeeds.

You can remain completely PASSIVE if you wish, but after you become a founder yourself, why not invite your friends and contacts to join so we can jump-start the business with a bigger team?

Go here now for details, and if you like join the other as Founder today.

This article was published on 17.09.2019 by Pete Ade
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