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Where do I start! No experience needed! Are you passionate about being healthy? I know first hand - if you do not have health, you have misery. I am seeking people who want to be healthy and want to make money sharing with others about this device. 

First, I needed something for my pain! Then one thing led to another and then I thought - hmmmm - I KNOW ALOT OF PEOPLE who could benefit starting with my family and friends. I have faced many challenges in the past 5 years and it has resulted in an IMPLOSION in my system. This is a very long story! I am seeing results and individual results vary. But let's talk about YOU! Tell me about YOU!

Do you have any pain in your body? Aches, pains or other health issues? If you do not have any issues...Do you know of anyone that is dealing with chronic conditions?

This is not a potion, lotion, or pills! It is better !!! Like 40 massages !!! Get toxins out !!! Terahertz !!! 

Prife International is the name of the company. HQ is in Malaysia. The device is iTeraCare. It is patented and each wand has a serial number. There are 2 models.  We are the only distributor in the world!

First you just need to buy this for your BODY! No you do not need to be a part of the business but you can if you want to! This really makes alot of sense to be a rep like me. 

There is NO cost to start the business. However the cost is to obtain the device. I have to check on the price in your country - what currency... because I am only familiar with USD and this is $350 USD. 

I have a video to send you. We have many testimonials and I personally am feeling pretty good these days. 

I had my share of MLMs and have this profile/connections for a while. I love MLM and this one is GROUND FLOOR!!! We are working on our replicated site links now. So here below are a few reasons why this might be a fit for you! 

1.  best first aid device for every household - 4th generation models since 2014

2.  breakthrough terahertz technology (with a business attached)

3.  ground floor established in 2021 

4.  global pay plan with bonus - infinity - we have 6 ways to generate income

5.  no competition

You can write to me - I will send you a video of the device and how to get started today! (ps: the only way you can come on board is to talk to a rep like me)

My personal business website is not ready yet and our affiliate links are pending. 

This article was published on 06.07.2022 by Barbara Thompson
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Prife International - iteracare device, Free to join

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Barbara Thompson first sale! exciting!  2 months ago

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