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List Infinity Affiliate Program.


Through a generous program, List Infinity pays you to grow your email list through sign-ups and membership upgrades. At first, we assumed that to be the case.

In addition to the advantages listed above, joining the program as a free member will give you access to priceless marketing training and information.

List Infinity: What Is It?

An example of viral marketing is List Infinity. Members must advertise List Infinity to untargeted audiences and create an email list with solo ad traffic. For free, you can register and gain access to some marketing tips.

As soon as you pay for a membership, you'll be qualified to work as an affiliate and receive a commission. To promote List Infinity is your goal;

Facebook (free) or solo advertisements (as much cost as your budget allows).

The cost-effective membership package covers hosting for lead capture pages, email swipe copy, the follow-up email sequence, and pertinent training.

At the very least, you will require AWeber, an autoresponder, and your one-time membership charge to make it function.

Activation Payment Plans.

1. Free Membership.

Because the free membership gives you access to email swipes and some fundamental marketing advice, you might still find it useful.

You can try out the majority of the functions. You'll already have lead capture pages loaded with your referral (affiliate) link.

However, it would help if you didn't advertise the pages till you upgrade your membership since your commission will be transferred up to an upline Pro member if you continue to be a free member and make a sale.

Suppose you have AWeber and are familiar with editing campaign emails but don't want to pay for a membership.

In that case, you may import List Infinity's follow-up email sequence, change the link, and use it for anything else (promote other products.)

Not sure how beneficial you'll find it, but it will save you time from having to start fresh when drafting follow-up emails.

2. Upgrade Options (Paid)

Given that you do not have to make monthly payments, Link Infinity's membership pricing has a one-time setup charge and is a fantastic deal.

Starting today, the Starter Membership will cost $25 under the new price scheme. Now $50 is what the Advanced Membership will cost. The Pro membership will now run you $100 plus a $25 admin fee.

The following bonuses are all yours as a Pro Member:

● Strategies for Free Facebook Traffic ($97 Value)

● Blueprint for $10k ($97 Value)

● TikTok Marketing (Value of $77)

● Authority on YouTube ($97 Value)

● Secrets of Instagram Marketing ($97 Value)

● Success Mindset Reprogramming ($97 Value)

You will win $100 if you successfully persuade another person to join as a Pro member and you are a Pro member.

However, you will only get $10 if you are a Starter member and refer someone to join as a Pro member. It's unclear if one of your uplines, a Pro member, will receive the remaining amount ($90).

But if you are a Pro member and your friend becomes a Starter or Pro member, you will instantly receive the compensation ($10 or $100, respectively), as a free member is not eligible to receive commissions.

This is a straightforward comparison of each membership package.

Being a free member has the big drawback of giving your direct referral the sale if they recommend someone and upgrade to a starter (your sponsor).

You will immediately receive your membership price returned after receiving one free referral who upgrades to the Starter Membership.

You receive a 100% commission on this method as a Pro Member. A $100 commission has been paid into your account right away. It certainly is amazing!

What's the catch if 100% indicates that List Infinity's owner is essentially giving away the entire system? Is it a ripoff? How is the system supported so it can continue to operate if it isn't? You may query.

The owner earns affiliate commissions through advising features like an autoresponder and link tracker within the users' dashboard, in addition to the $25 admin fee for the Pro membership. Additionally, he suggests some solitary ad suppliers and the online marketplace Udimi.

So that must be howList Infinity is financed. You'll be able to tell it's not a scam if you take a closer look at the items you might receive. It is a lawful scheme to "make money."

List Infinity's Benefits.

Let's talk about the benefits of signing up for this program.

1. 14 Prebuilt Lead Capture Pages are made available.

You are given 14 prebuilt lead capture pages. These capture pages have been tried and tested, and they work.

2. Automated Email System.

Second, as your email list grows, the system will automatically deliver your email campaigns to your subscribers.

3. Quick payments.

More crucially, you can market any offer to your list to profit. Additionally, funds are immediately transferred to your Payment Processor account. Rarely do we see a payment scheme like this.

Your referrals' fifth-generated lead comes to you. 20% of all leads that come from your referrals go to you.

Additionally, you can acquire all the training resources needed to promote your link. There is a Facebook page for the List Infinity community where you can have any questions answered.

4. Offers Professional Training Course for Beginners.

For years, affiliate marketers have used solo advertisements to direct users to specific lead capture sites. It's a tried-and-true technique that is regularly used. At least you will get to learn how it operates if you are completely new.

5. Low Pricing.

Since anyone can sign up for List Infinity for no cost, and the Starter upgrade price of $25 is within most people's means, it will be simple for you to sell it. This can undoubtedly be the best aspect of the program.

How Much Should you Put into Investments?

You may learn how to advertise it on numerous Facebook groups for businesses from List Infinity.

However, there are only a certain number of groups, and if many people use the same approach, such posts may frequently be viewed as spam. Consequently, it is less efficient than employing solo ad services.

As a general rule of thumb, Solo ad traffic is either successful or unsuccessful. You will receive high opt-in rates from reputable solo ad vendors.

However, it's impossible to know in advance whether the leads you receive at a given moment will be responsive (i.e., make a purchase or not).

For instance, if you invest $50 in solo advertisements and get 50 leads (120 clicks, 42% opt-in rate), your ROI is $42.

Your revenue will be nil if none of these 50 leads are interested in signing up for List Infinity. You'll lose $50 as a result.

20 x $10 equals $200 in revenue if 20 leads become starting members—profit of $150 less your solo ad expense of $50.

This is general advice; sign up as a beginning member first, and you might try to develop 50 leads for $50 to $100 (or 100 to 200 clicks) at first. See if you can turn a profit.

You will need to recruit 11 starter members if you spend $110 ($10 for a starter membership plus $100 for solo ads). Though optimistic, it is attainable.


In general, this initiative needs to be promoted. It can be advantageous to all affiliate marketers, regardless of experience level.

Due to the training it offers, which has some value in and of itself, List Infinity is a good affiliate marketing plan. Undoubtedly, it makes it simple for a total newcomer to begin promoting.

Click here to check it out!

This article was published on 31.10.2022 by Lonnie Reed
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