How to quickly Flip $11 into $218 today, and almost into $20K in a year or less.

Except you do not like money, this is something you do not want to miss.

If you have $11 and do not know where to use it for, I will recommend you buy 1 WESA token. The WESA token currently has a Guaranteed Minimum value of $218.641. Guaranteed because the value can NEVER go below that amount, but will and can only increase.

Compared to other crypto currencies, the WESA token is unique, because its Guaranteed Minimum Value (GMV) as dictated by activities of the WESA user Community can never go below its current value, but increases constantly. It is speculated that the Value of the WESA token will at some time match or even beat the value of bitcoin.

The WESA token is the community token for We Share abundance (WSA). We Share Abundance is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization with the objectives to fight poverty and suffering on a global scale, while promoting EQUALITY, PEACE, LOVE and HOPE.

The mission of WSA is to build a community of likeminded individuals who seek more than just material abundance; a community built around service to others and so providing a path to spiritual gratification and true happiness through abundance in God.

WESA Tokens are distributed at no cost to ALL We Share Abundance members each month in varying quantities based on the contributions of love and service that WSA Members offer as individuals to each other and within the Community.

To help Members of WSA build a nest egg (save and build for the future), and to raise money for charity works around the world, WSA has decided to make the WESA token available to all WSA Members for ONLY $11 instead of the Guaranteed minimum Value of $218.641.

Everyone is very excited and is buying these tokens now because the value per token is actually $$218.641, but you are getting it for only $11. On the free market, which you can check with coin ranking here, it currently trades at $201,33 per token. This is such a great deal you do not want to miss.

I do not know if you will see this as bad or as good news, but it will be what you make of it. The WESA token though $11 each, you can only buy them in packs of 10. This means that for $110, you will get a pack of 10 WESA tokens.

This means that after the sale ends or after you have bought a pack of 10 WESA tokens for $110, your $110 will automatically have a value of $2,186.41 (10 tokens x $218,641). How cool is that? As speculated, the value of one WESA token could be $20k in the next one year or less. This means that, should this come true, your $110 could easily be worth $200,000.00.

To be able to make use of this offer, you have to be member of We Share Abundance. Do not get sacred, We share Abundance membership is 100% free and you even get paid to belong. After you join We Share Abundance, you can then buy the WESA tokens using your WSA membership details.

Based on We Share Abundance official communication from Graham, “$550 of WESA bought now, through this Nest Egg Offer, could make you a millionaire by December 2021, if all the forecasts come true; but even at today’s market value they are still worth over $6,900 and likely to be worth over $12,500 by Jan 1st. 2021

If you are interested in this offer, join We Share Abundance today, then buy the tokens. This is how people become millionaires overnight with Cryptos by taking the right actions at the right time. 

Click here now for details about we share abundance and how to join.

After you join We Share Abundance,

verify your email, you will get paid.

Update your profile, you will get paid

Set up your WESA Wallet, you will get paid,

And much more.

After you join WSA, if you do not see the Nest Egg Offer in your back office, send an email to your sponsor whose email you will see in your back office. Your sponsor will then provide you with a link to the offer.

Yes, you are given initial seed money and shown how through simple activities and services within the We Share Abundance Community, you can grow that money into a substantial Monthly Residual Income. Yes, that is just some of the ways WSA fights poverty on a global scale through sharing abundance, which involves sharing PEACE, LOVE & HOPE.

You are welcome to join the WSA Community, if you buy into such values, you will be rewarded.

If by the time you are reading this article the Nest Egg Offer is no longer available, do not worry. You could still become a millionaire and fulfil your financial wishes, just by being member of the Community. Besides, such Nest Egg Offers may come up periodically. Better catch the next one as an insider.

Good luck and Welcome to We Share Abundance.

This article was published on 14.12.2020 by Pete Ade
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