Help Woman Gain Confidence and Look Their Best While You Build A Remote Busines

Lead and Guide with my Heart in my mantra. Looking to empower and inspire other woman especially over 40.   I have a background in Media print and digital advertising sales for 6 years and developed great skills and knowledge to help small local business grow and reach new customers. I would never use scare tatics, or pushy, unethical dirty deals just to make a sale.   I always conducted myself with being friendly, caring, listening to their needs, goals, story and financial situation.   Many of those clients are still my friend and thank me for being honest and caring about them. 

 As a woman in my 50's I look to build my own business and wanted gorgeous healthy hair!  Who doesn't??  Looking our best, having fabulous hair gives us confidence and is makes us feel beautiful or handsome and even sexy.  I found Monat Global hair products and I am in LOVE!!!    The Monat products stands out from even the best salon products and at the same price point or even less, because it delivers results. I love all of the Monat products are vegan and non-toxic and cruely free. It is a game changer and people can literally see and feel the difference after just one use!   Monat provides an online hair quiz that you can send people to and it gives recommendations and then they have nicely packaged samples that you can send to them from anywhere in the world.  Your customer does not need to be your family and friends unless they want Fabulous Hair.  It is for Men too!  They have a formula system just for Men and a regrowth system that helps people regrown new hair from thinning spots or to help after hair loss from chemo... I love this!  To help someone regrow their hair quickly in a non toxic way is vital to them.  I love helping people get back to themselves after a cancer diagnosis.  

  It is exciting to see how you can positively change someone's life and give them that confidence.  I love helping woman build their own business for their own financial goals and to empower and inspire them especially if they are in transition, looking for a new purpose or direction, and want to create a new direction and passion in life.  The Monat Global company provides great tools, training, support and I personally take coaching very seriously and develop a strong personal relationship and lead and guide with Heart in all I do.  My company is called KayBee Consulting and I consult for marketing, inspiring woman, coaching for life changes, and train woman to build their own business to create their own happiness.  

Since I have a strong background in marketing, social media, sales, and coaching I can assist a woman looking to join my team Hair & Heart and I would truly enjoy speaking to you to see if you want to consider this opportunity even if you think I don't even know where to start.  I have proven easy steps for you and it is fun to create your own thing.. and help others at the same time!  I like to say... Nothing to Lose... Gorgeous Hair to Gain!

This article was published on 08.02.2019 by Kerry Burrows
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Monat - beauty, 199 USD to join

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