Lead capture pages with automated follow up email campaign for only $7 dollars!

That's what I said also... "this can't be right."

The way I saw it was for a $7 dollar one time fee I had nothing to lose and so much to gain if this worked for my business.  

Once I was in I was blown away at how simple this system was.  There is really nothing to it.   All I had to do was enter my primary business link and then share the link that was given me in the back office.  You see the way this works is you can promote lead lightning by itself or you can promote lead lightning and your primary business.  What happens when you promote Lead Lightning and your business is once someone opts in to your lead capture page they will send a follow up email for Lead Lightning, then one for your business, then lead lightning, then your business.... I think you get the point.  The cool part is that when someone pays the $7 dollar one time fee you get $6 of it.  That is not a typo... they give you 6 of the 7.  I know, you are probably saying "How do they make money if they give pretty much all of it to the sponsor?"  Well, there are upgrades within Lead Lightning that they make money from, and if you upgrade to one of them you will generate higher commissions.  But that is not necessary.  You can pay the $7 dollar one time fee if you like and that's it.

My interest in this was not for Lead Lightning but for my primary business.  I used the lead capture page on social media only and in 3 short months I was able to get 88 leads.  Not everyone signed up but over that 3 months from leads I generated from using the lead lightning capture page I made just under $3,000.00 in my primary business.  

Something else that was cool, of those that joined my primary business through Lead Lightning  I made nearly $200.00 in this amount of time from those that decided to use lead lightning.   That doesn't include those that were already in my business that started using  Lead Lightning when I shared it with my team.

If you do not have a primary business, this is a great way to start.  You see every marketer out there is looking for something like this to build their business with and for a whopping $7.00 it can't be beat.

Don't take my word for it, click the link below and you will see the first lead capture page in the system and you can decide for yourself.


Have a Great Day!


This article was published on 31.10.2019 by Donnie Crisp
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Lead Lightning - Leads / Marketing, 7 USD to join

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