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Tapestri hits 22,000+ Affiliates in Pre-Launch!

When the vision is clear, even the blinds see it, and when the mission is clear, even the deaf will understand it. The Vision and Mission of Tapestri are very clear, straightforward and transparent upfront. No doubt many have recognized that and have rushed, are still rushing and will rush to secure Tapestri affiliate positions.

Tapestri hitting 22,000+ Affiliates in Pre-Launch is a major milestone for a company that has not even launch. Some companies have been around for years, yet cannot be proud of 22,00+ membership base.

Apart from the 22,000+ Tapestri Affiliates, thousands more have pre-registered and waiting to download the app when it goes live. Depending on when you are reading this, the Tapestri app may already be live. However, at this time of writing, it is not live yet. But the launch is very imminent.

If you have not yet joined Tapestri, consider doing so now, especially as there is an ongoing Promo to become Tapestri Affiliate.

What is Tapestri?

Tapestri is the company that is bringing the Tapestri App to the whole world, starting with the United States.

What is Tapestri App?

Tapestri app is a free app that anyone can download (when it goes live), install, allow it run on their smart devices, just like they would with any other app, and get paid monthly anywhere from $2-$25 for the data they consent to allow the app collect. The Tapestri app will have both the android and iOS (Apple) versions.

Tapestri is currently in prelaunch and will be launching the Tapestri App soon in the United States and then other countries soon thereafter. Though this launch will initially only be in the USA, the Tapestri Affiliate income opportunity side of the business is however open to anyone and in all countries.

As a matter of fact, one of Tapestri’s most successful pre-launch affiliates is not even from the USA. As announced on Tapestri’s official Facebook group for Tapestri affiliates, Tapestri currently has more than 22,000+ registered affiliates worldwide.

You can register as an affiliate for free or as a paid affiliate. However, you will want to take advantage of the Tapestri pre-launch special. The cost to join Tapestri as an Affiliate, and to maintain an active affiliate status is $9.95 per month. However, during the pre-launch period, you can become an affiliate for only $9.95 for a full year. Yes, 12 months for just $9.95.

As long as the pre-launch promo is still available, you have the choice of paying $9.95 today for 12 months, or paying $9.95 monthly at a later date (after Tapestri launches).

All free Tapestri app users, also known as consumers can earn passively just by downloading the app when it becomes available in their country, installing and allowing it run on their mobile derives (smart phones) as they would do with any other app. The first country will be the United States, and more countries will follow thereafter.

The expected passive earnings are from $5-$25 per month for those that simply download, install and allow the app run on their mobile devices. They may earn more if they decide to engage more with the app or through the app.

As a free affiliate, you can earn from all of your direct referrals that download and use the app. The pay will be $1 per month for your USA app users (consumers) and that can vary from country to country as the app is launched in additional countries.

As a paid affiliate, you can earn $1 per month on two levels of referrals. The same payout, $1 for each USA consumer, and the earnings may vary from country to country.

All paid affiliates can become Super Affiliates by simply enrolling 10 paid affiliates. This is so easy to do especially with the $9.95 for a full year special going on right now. Super Affiliates will earn an additional 50% matching bonus on the earnings of all of their first and second-level affiliates! This can be a very nice income just for enrolling 10 paid affiliates!

Here is a video that fully explains the Tapestri Affiliate Compensation Plan

The last rank advancement is called a Global Affiliate. There will only be 50 Global Affiliates in the entire organization. To become a Global Affiliate, you need to personally enroll 10 Super Affiliates. Global Affiliates share 1% of the company's monthly income.

To get more information about Tapestri, how to get started or a possible code to download the app when it becomes available, click here to get more information. Remember, you can pre-register today to download the app (when it becomes available), or become an affiliate.

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Thank you.

This article was published on 06.08.2021 by Pete Ade
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