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WHY Q WHY NOW!! Huge business opportunity!

I am still struggling to find the words to explain the pure magic of what is happening here. Mostly because, to be brutally honest, this industry is so full of hype and BS and attraction marketing tactics that usually lead to a whole lot of disappointment, debt, broken promises, and tainted reputations.

I wish I could find the words to really show you just how special this place is. Just how once in a lifetime this timing is. Just how necessary these products are. Just how high paying and simple this compensation plan is. Just how caring and welcoming the corporate staff is, from the CEO to the customer service support team. Just how accepted, valued, supported, encouraged, empowered, stress-free, happy, and safe we feel here. Just how unfathomably different this place is for too many reasons to list here. 

Just how much you really are missing out by not giving this place a look. 

My team and so many teams around me are winning hard and fast. All the while I'm watching so many others in this industry, *stagger away from shut down companies *Struggle with plummeting team sales and lost momentum * Manage through massive back orders because they don't own their own products *Attempt to cope with toxic team cultures while being made to feel like they are the problem *Deal with the guilt of knowing while they are personally winning- hanging out at the top of their comp plan- their team is struggling, hardly getting by * Are actually winning however their family life is in turmoil because they're workhorses to their business because they don't have the proper system in place and leadership support.

The thought of so many missing this opportunity literally makes me sick to my stomach. Because now that I know what I know, I feel a responsibility to find a way to show the world that this beautiful happy place exists. 

Please contact me to if you want to find your happy place- Text @ 779-771-9663

We are in 23 different countries as well. USA- Australia- Austria- Belgium- Canada- Denmark- France- Germany- Greece- Japan- Netherlands- New Zealand- Norway- Poland- Portugal- Spain- Sweden- UK- Mexico- Hong Kong- Italy- Malaysia- Czech Republic- Coming soon to Korea as well and more. 

We just expanded into Canada a few months ago, the timing is HUGE right now for Canada!

This article was published on 12.12.2021 by Abby Rager
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