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New Smartphone Game That Pays REAL Money

Every time I meet someone new online, I ask them this question, "How many games do you have on your smartphone? " Usually they say about 2 - 3 games and they are usually the infamous Candy Crush or Angry Birds lol.  Then I ask them " How many of those games can they play and actually win real money?" Then they always say NONE. That's when I tell them about  The Spin Game.

It's a free game that you can play on your phone and win real money. It's very simple and very addictive if you like making money. All you do is download the app for either Android or I phone at, copy the referral code on the page which gives you 25 free spins when you enter it inside the app, and pick your color yellow or blue then spin the wheel. You will either win or not win but you will never lose money since you never spend any of your money. So they start you off with 25 spins once you enter the referral code and then you can begin having fun. Once you are completely out of spins, you can click the button which says get more spins. Once you click that button, you will watch an advertisement for about 30 seconds to get another spin. Most of the ads are from previous winners of the game. Once you win a spin and earn $0.50 or more, you will have the option to record your reaction to winning. If you choose to record your reaction, it will be displayed throughout the network when others have to watch ads for more spins. Each day the owners of the app give away free spin codes on various social networks like Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc. If you are fast enough to type the code in you can instantly win money or more spins. You can also spend some of your earnings on additional spins if you choose. Once you reach $20 in earnings you can cash out via Paypal. I have already cashed out once and I'm up to $10 towards my next cash out. They pay you in CAD Canadian dollars so Paypal will convert it to your local currency. Believe me when I tell you, that this is the best game ever to play on a smartphone.  Go Play The Spin Game Now!!

This article was published on 28.01.2016 by Bryan Ellis
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