Be the Owner of your LIFE!

Why the Owner of your LIFE?

Almost three years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. You can imgine the terror that trapped me and the uncertain future was threatening me. But since moment one I decided I was going to fight. And that's absolutely what I have been doing ever since. I attended all my medical appoitments, surgeries, etc., and (crazy me!) was longing to "come back to office". I did not know other thing to do with my life, but to come back to my place, my laptop and my numbers (financial controller).  I returned to the company expecting some "hurray!" from my collegues.. Defeating Breast Cancer was a Big One. (At least, for me it was!) I must say I was expecting some kind of "Welcome back" party... But guess what happened? Everybody continued with their life as if nothing had happened! But for me, absolutely it had happened! I came back to routine, to my nine to five job (and working 12, 14 hours for free) but my mind was opening and questioning the established! Until one day, I thought: "I AM MORE than this!", and at this moment was when MLM appeared in my life. Just at the right time. All those things I did not want in my life from a "typical" job, I found in MLM. And for me, the one thing you have in MLM that you don't have in those nine to five, is that Network Marketing allows you develop abilities you weren't even conscious you had! Aren't you curious to find out WHO YOU ARE? I was, and I am so happy with the choice I made: Be the Owner of MY LIFE!

So, if you are ready to take the first step to your new life, join me! I will support you. I would love to see you grow as a person and together build an awesome team. We will work hard but caring the team and directly to our success! I am not a coach (yet..

This article was published on 09.01.2016 by Lue Lennon
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