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One Of The Reasons Network Marketers Fail!

Often, marketers complain they don’t get commensurate result, compare to the effort and effort invested. Which has led into many get frustrated and quitting.

It is always sad to hear this testimony. But that should not be the matter, the question is, what is actually missing, what should be done right?

That is what you are about to discover here.

Having good strategy is core, I have shared that in many of my articles, and however, using the right “Tool” is also very important.

Many often always underestimate the role of rightful “tools” in the success of Network Marketing.

Meanwhile, there is always a need for some simple tool to achieve the purpose of attaining commensurate success in Network marketing.

For example, creativity is very good “tool” that enables a child’s mind to grow. This means, without creativity, to enable the child-mind –development may be a difficult task. In the same light, a tool can be in abstract or physical state.

An example of abstract tool is authoring tool and software program.

It is very pertinent to mention that for every marketer, there is a need for a List Building and Lead Generation Tool.

Oh yes, by now, you will say, you have heard that before, but it has not been working. Well, when I was a beginner, I almost think it may not work. However, with constant learning, I came across some simple tools for List Building and Lead generation, but my best is GYLAI!

GYLAI is a very simple but great LIST BUILDING tool, that can really help you attain success in your Marketing effort faster than expected, owned by a dual of trusted and efficient admins – Richard Daigle and Ian Stewart.

This tool is highly recommended for any marketer who is keen about building quality List of paying marketers you can call your own and mail anytime, either to make them form a team with you or take them to any good opportunity you can find.

GYLAI is also a great tool for Lead Generation, which does not only generate lead for you, but also gets you paid $10.00 for every new Lead Generated by you. And the leads pay you directly into your Paypal (Highly Trusted Payment Gateway) Account.

If GYLAI is a pizza, that is just 1 or 2 slices, just also have a feature that can help you generate 2- 3 New Referrals Daily using the Easyhits4U connect feature. I have a short report on the GYLAI and Easyhits4U.

I will give you the solution for free – email me at:

I had been using this tool to build quality List for over a year now. There is no harm in trying; giving GYLAI a try and you shall thank me later.

We may bear different name, be in different company, but we are all one – NETWORK MARKETERS!

I wish you continued success in any company you belong to.


Yemisi Akintande
Independent Distributor With MoneyTreeTeam

This article was published on 14.10.2015 by Yemisi Akintande
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Yemisi Akintande Thanks Rodney!   8 years ago
Rodney Poon Great article Yemisi!  8 years ago

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