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My name is GregMay and I like telling people about how I make money even though my income doesn't base on that.

I am into several online jobs but I prefer sharing the system that can make money for those that are yet to make a dime online, those that are struggle to find the right income source and even those that are making little money out of much effort. Passive income stream is something I dont joke with because you dont have to recruit, write article or market anything to anyone before you get paid. 

I have two system that makes steady money for me every single month and have been doing this for close to a year now. I think the hardest part have had during my experience with these system is writing this article lol. 

Well, the first one is GCCH(Global Coin Community Help). This system is one mutual funding system I so like because they have their own crypto-currency GRC and it has been on the rising. GCCH is not a company but mutual aid system whereby you give help when u can and receive a 100% return reward for giving. GCCH don't have a central account where money goes to unlike ponzi or hyip system. This system allows the free flow of money between members who need and give.

Another thing why I like this system is that it auto compounds the money you give for straight 5months. Imagine giving the minimum of $50 and in 5months you get a return of $1,600, isn't that awesome? 

And most people will like to know if this system might fold up, well the only way it will folds up is if the participants are tired of financial freedom and profits they get because GCCH don't have access to your bank account or any of its participants because there are no central accounts where members money goes into. Funds are transferred between members and GCCH is just standing as a means to organize the process of connecting people.

And the second system is called MMM(Mavro Money Movement) most of you must have heard of this one before.

Well I wont go into much details about this one because is same method as GCCH. They both are mutual aid communities.

Though unlike GCCH that returns 100% per month, MMM returns 30% monthly but though you can still get 50% which I teach my team how to get easily. 

MMM is the first of its kind, started 1989 in Russia. This one have lots of history I wouldn't go into now except maybe you contact me and I'll provide you with all details personally.

That is it for now and you can always contact me anytime for more info about these 2 systems and I will gladly guide you through.

Call or whatsapp me +2348105088970

This is the link for MMM and this is for GCCH

This article was published on 13.09.2016 by GregMay Edede
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