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We need to talk about being productive vs being technical

Let’s get real and talk about the Bricks of overwhelm.

You see this video talks about the only 2 things you should be focusing on in your online marketing business.

That’s T _ _ k _ _ g and T _ p _ _ g

But the Bricks of overwhelm have built a wall between you and your profits not allowing you to do the 2 most profitable things.

If you have ever ever asked any of the following this video is for you:

How do I build a high converting landing page. (Not just a landing page)

How do I integrate that webpage with my autoresponder

How to get my freaking autoresponder to work?

How do I get a countdown timer on my page?

How do I build an order form or how do I hook my order form up to my shopping cart?

What shopping cart should I use in the first place?

How do I make my order forms work?

How do I make my order forms look cool?

How do I do a one click upsell?

How do I do an order bump? 

What isn't order bump?

How do I make my buy button appear at the end of the video?

How do I make the video play automatically?

Where do I host the video in the first place?

How do I make a file downloadable?

How do I take all the stuff that I want to sell and put it somewhere where people can't steal it?

How I have a help desk to keep up with customer service.

What if I wanted Live Chat to help customer or close sales? 

What about split testing and what about analytics?

How do I know if my ads are even working?

How do I know if my sales pages or even working

How do I make my sales pages look cool? 

And then finally, if I can overcome this huge wall and get to the point where I even can do the talking and typing…

How do I even know what I'm saying?

Can relate to this?

I've been there, we've all been there.

We're all there right now, and I'm here to tell you right now that big digital wall, the standing between where you are and where you want to be - where you need to be.

That stuff that's causing you the overwhelm, the frustration, the self doubt, the inability to get your message into the world and monetize it. 

That wall is coming down for forever right now, and it's coming down thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough tool that will let you press a button and have a complete A-Z, soup to nuts WORKING marketing campaign completely built, up and running, and automated minutes.

See that tool right here

P.S. — 

Also, to see a SNEAK PEEK of This tool in Action — The All-in-One Automated Business platform, make sure to REQUEST INVITE. 

This article was published on 05.04.2018 by Osmaan Mooraby
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