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Is there a BRICK WALL in front of you and you are not able to break through. Do feel like you are stuck. Life is in a repetition, never changing, on the same merry go round. No extra funds to experience a difference in your life. You listened to you parents and finished school earned some type of degree. Got a job, had a family and you continue to feel stuck because you live paycheck to paycheck. You remember meeting someone and them asking you what is your Plan B? You blow off that person because you think that you have it made but then you realize you work 40 hours, for 40 years, and your bring home 40 Percent. What was I thinking...I NEED A PLAN B, C, and/or D. Is it to late for me to get started, to find my niche. I reach out to that person that long ago asked me What Is your Plan B? And he/she says to me " I have been waiting for YOU". They have saved a spot for me in this NEW OPPORTUNITY called IBUUMERANG. They tell me that I do not have to sell a product (I have never been proficient in sales) and that our product is called the PRIB (perpetual residual income builder). I am lost at the moment but I look at my friend and I see how passionate they are about the company so I continue to listen. The front door of the PRIB is travel, then there is a ride share company, and as they say there are more verticals to come. Why is travel the front door of the PRIB and they tell me that travel is a 8 trillion dollar industry. And I think who does not like to vacation. And why a ride share company, Ride share is over billion dollar company that is massively increasing in demand. I am getting excited and thinking can I do this. I know that I will have to be consistent and focused. No I will do this to change my family's life to leave them a legacy. IBUUMERANG is #just different, #ranked1, #1businessmomentum. In the 14 months of existence Ibuumerang paid out over 20million dollars in commissions, is in over 180 countries, has over 600,000 customers (world wide), has fed over 600,000 children and has out paced Uber, Amazon and Facebook combined. I scratch my head and I tell my friend "Where do I sign up"


This article was published on 27.05.2020 by Jennifer Corser
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IBUUMERANG - Travel/Tech, 49.95 USD to join

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