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Coop5050 is a Life Changer

In case you haven't heard, crowdfunding is big business. What exactly is it?  Wikipedia describes it as the practice of funding a particular project, business venture, or charitable cause by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. It's usually done through the internet or on social media. Two of the well-known crowdfunding businesses are GoFundMe and Indiegogo. Even Facebook gets in on the game on the birthday of its members, inviting them to raise money for any worthy cause. Many famous singers and musicians use crowdfunding to bring in thousands of dollars for their own projects. 

So we know it's a popular way to contribute to a family after a tragic event or to a local minor sports team to give them a hand up. Did you know you can raise money for yourself or for your own worthy cause? I've got the answer to that.  It's Coop5050!

Coop5050 is an amazing system that works to bring together like-minded people who want to give and receive.  It's a two by two peer-to-peer donation done on a global platform and it's legal all over the world. 

With Coop5050 there is no middleman and nobody on the top (this is not a pyramid). One hundred percent of every donation goes to the participant and it is shared fifty percent to the donation receiver and fifty percent to a teammate.  The funds can be used for any legal purpose.  Some people use donations to pay for their child's education.  Some use it to pay for medical expenses. Some have a favorite charity they like to give to. I personally think the Humane Society deserves money to help the animals. Some just like to have a nest egg and the digital wallet they receive with their Coop5050 membership is like their very own savings account.   

Everything is done automatically in Coop5050. It's automatic positioning, automatic sending and receiving of donations, automatic re-entry into the system, automatically suspend and un-suspend, automatic email sending, and automatic history of all the transactions. It couldn't be easier. 

So how do you join? I've got you covered there. If you know two people who need more money than they have and they know two people who need more money than they have then you've got it made in the shade.  

Coop5050 is made up of eight levels called Wheelhouses. They start at $25 and go up to $4,000. You come in where you can most afford to. If $25 is the most affordable for you then that's where you will start. If you can afford to pay your way in at the $1,000 level then you will move through the Wheelhouses faster. Even if you start at $25 the people you bring in can start at a higher level and they'll still be on your team. Your team always follows you. 

So let's cut to the chase. Here is my link and click on Join Us. There is a $29.99 licensing fee that pays for your own personal website and dashboard for one year and also for training videos to help you along the way. 

Remember, we have an endless circle of people helping people around the world achieving their goals and dreams. It's so simple - Give, Share, Receive.

Mark Your Calendar and attend our meeting to learn more: Mon-Sat Night there will be a LIVE Team Co-op 5050 Overview at 8 pm EASTERN

Welcome to the Coop5050 family.  Your life just got better.  

This article was published on 02.06.2021 by Sharon Wilton
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Pete Ade Very informative article about a life changing Opportunity. COOP5050 is a NOW Opportunity that can take care of your immediate financial needs. Thanks for this amazing information  2 years ago

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