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Hi All,

I am from an island country in the South Pacific called PAPUA NEW GUINEA!! BHIP Global is an American Network Marketing company that had been introduced to my country 2 years into it's Concentration Stage. BHIP Global was founded on the 5th of November 2007, by a successful Entrepreneur named Terry LaCore. Terry LaCore previously worked for 2 other MLM Companies which he made nearly 1 Billion Sales by the age of 22 and retired by the age of 33. He founded this Company Debt Free!! 

Ever since this company had started in 2007, it had created 21 Millionaires so far. Youngest one was an 18 year old girl from Thailand. Our Company's Compensation Plan is very EFFECTIVE. More and more people are signing up as you read, as they want to be part of the company before Momentum Kicks in. We all know what happens during Momentum!! Fortunes can be made over night.

The company passed the Formulation stage successfully, passing Concentration and is about to  HIT MOMENTUM!! 

Any successful network marketer will tell you that the best time to join an MLM Company is just before it reaches Momentum. BHIP Global is now at the very bottom of the mountain heading towards Momentum

If you are interested to know more about the company, click on this link BHIP Global (South Pacific/Asia) 

BHIP Global is distributed in over 50 markets worldwide. Our Products are 100% Herbal and 100% Consumable and 100% Safe.

Our Products have healed a lot of cancer, diabetic and wounded patients in my country (Papua New Guinea) and the list goes on. All products are infused with a Compound known as AC-11 which are found in Maqui berry which is mainly found in South America. AC-11 REGENERATES, RESTORES & REBUILDS DNA!! Safe for ALL AGES!!

Some Products include: 

  1. Blue Energy - 100% Consumable. Made for both genders. Mainly for active people. Gives long lasting energy
  2. Noni Gia - 100% Consumable. Made for both genders. Works as a cleanser in the body. Removes toxins and revitalizes the system
  3. Pink - 100% consumable. Made for the every day women. Works also as an antioxidant. Helps with Sexual Health, balances hormones, relives stress and prevents Cervical and breast cancer to name a few
  4. Red - 100% Consumable. Made for the everyday men. Works also as an antioxidant, increases metabolism, also helps with Energy, Increased Sexual Health, Prostate Health, gives a Healthier Heart to name a few.
  5. Purple Caps - 100% Consumable. Made for both genders. This is the main supplement that Regenerates, Rebuilds and Restores the DNA. 

All these products are 100% EFFECTIVE!! There are more products on our website. 

If you find this Announcement Effective, don't waste time , click on this link MOMENTUM & GREAT PRODUCTS

If you are interested to Join my team, click on the link above, and when it takes you there, click on "personal website"    and type "stefwong" in the space provided, and select "Join Now". There are other languages provided for non-English speakers.  If you have further questions, Do Not Hesitate to contact me.

Regards and May God bless your decisions.

This article was published on 24.08.2015 by Stefanie Wong
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