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Back in the Saddle Again

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

I never thought I would see the day where I would be returning to the online trading space. Not because I had ever lost faith, quite the opposite.

You see, my trading journey began back in 2018.  From the moment I was introduced to the world of Forex trading, I just knew that learning to trade would get me to where I wanted to be in my life.  What a ride it has been! In the beginning, I swear I was paying a high rated company just to be confused.. information overload!  Was a very tough beginning.  I kept going though, quitting was not an option.

It did get easier.  With the introduction of trading tools such as: Signals, copy and paste trading, and such.  But, as any trader will tell you, even with the tools, winning trades were few and far between.   Then the issue of marketing platforms while trying to learn how to trade.. not the best combination.. somehow the trading part of learning gets lost in the shuffle.  Very common.

I developed a love for Gold.  One that ate many of my accounts learning how to dance the Gold dance.  lol  My big break came during my search for a good mentor to teach me how to trade Gold.  In 2020, I was one of 100 worldwide chosen from 3500 people, to be mentored by a hedge fund trader.  Intense trainings!  He infused as much knowledge he possibly could in all of us.  It was then, that I walked away from the online trading space, that my journey really began.

I took what I had learned and ran with it.  Not only did I become an independent trader, I was teaching as well.  Free of charge. 

Trading is great, but a slow process if one plans on relying on it for retirement purposes though.

Introducing ->  Funded Trading Accounts!  My prayers had been answered!  I took a challenge and failed..  ugh!  Tougher than you think  lol  So I ended up paying for someone to pass it for me.   Trading on a 100K account is life changing!  All I could think was retirement here I come!  Until, that fateful day, the prop firm I was trading on shut down.. lost my account along with all my profits.  Was a defeating day.  

I continued my independent trading journey, and was content. 

April 27 changed my life!  I was shown an opportunity in the trading market that I could not walk away from, and I am so excited to share it with the world!!

Stay tuned.. I'll be introducing, first of its kind, revolutionary trading app that is changing the lives of people on a global scale!  I am still in total awe!! 

Feels GREAT being back in the saddle again!! 

Retirement loading!

This article was published on 17.05.2024 by Catherine Weir
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