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The Four Golden Rules of Keyword Research

In the field of Internet Marketing, Keyword Research plays a very important role for your business. When you are focused on writing blogs in your website or any piece of content for that matter, it is very important to follow these four Golden Rules. They help you greatly in identifying the gold nugget keywords that can bring profitable conversion for your business. This will help you generate free organic traffic as well as get your content the highest placement in Google.

The four golden rules of Keyword Research are: 

1) Traffic. 

2) Relevance. 

3) Competition. 

4) Commerciality. 

In this way, you can avoid the common pitfalls of losing the competition. Now, I will elaborate each of these golden rules in detail.

Traffic: As you are all aware, traffic is the lifeblood of our business. Without traffic, there is no business. Your traffic flow, bring in visitors and thereafter, you can invite them into the potential of converting them into buyers. One of the most important aspect, that you need to remember is that we need "Targeted Traffic". In order, to do this - we use some keyword research tools to help with our business. Some of the popular tools are: Google Keyword Planner, Bing Ads Market Intelligence Tool, Market Samurai, Ubersuggest etc.. When you type in the seed keyword that you are interested to write your content on - then these tools will give you the list of related terms along with the avg. number of monthly searches. This will help you with your initial filtration of choosing the proper keywords for your business.

Competition: One of the most important aspects of keyword research is competition. There are different ways to measure competition. Some of the tools that you use are: Google Keyword Planner, Manual search on Google, Market Samurai, SEMRush etc.. In these tools, you can see the number of competing pages for that keyword. You can also use these tools, to measure the competitive strength of your keywords and can produce a list of keywords that are giving you the highest and the lowest competition.

Relevance: When doing your keyword research, it is very important to choose those keywords that are relevant to your search content. The best rule of thumb is to choose those keywords that you believe have the high searches and less competition and create the list. Once, you have built the relevancy of the related keywords following the above parameter, then you can build the content around it.

Commerciality: Commerciality stands for viability. This means, how profitable that particular keyword is. This is the product of the search traffic with the cpc. This will provide you the estimated score of the overall profitable conversion to your keyword. Based on the above three parameters, you can create a calculated metric on the keyword profitability for your keyword. This will help you build related content.

I hope this article is useful for doing your keyword research. Please feel free to like, share or comment on your thoughts.

This article was published on 29.04.2018 by Shivaram Swamy
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