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We live in the Era of Technology, thus being surrounded by all kinds of electronic devices that emit Electromagnetic Field, which causes long-term, harmful effects to the body. Protect yourself against electro pollution, improve stamina, flexibility, balance, and strength with our Ener-Chi products.

In traditional Chinese culture, Chi is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living thing. It is a vital force that flows through the body. However, as our body age not to mention other lifestyle factors, the vital force in our body becomes unstable, and if the flow of Chi is blocked it can affect the physical and mental wellbeing. So, we introduce Ener-Chi!ENER-CHI.

The term Ener-Chi is derived from the words “Energy” and “Chi.” “Chi” is a Chinese word that is described as the vital life force that circulates around the body. Ener-Chi is the next breakthrough energy products with the enhancement of existing natural frequency of our body and protection against Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

Ener-Chi is a new technology formulated by a Russian radiophysicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, exclusively for Alliance In Motion Global. It is a technology that is infused in AIM Global’s new products – Ener-Chi Pendant and Ener-Chi Diffuser – to guard against electro pollution and improve the body’s natural life force, thus enhancing stamina, flexibility, balance, and strength.

Our Products

Ener-Chi Pendant

Ener-Chi Pendant is the newest upgraded carrier of the iProtect 24/7 packet, a triple patented product and manufactured in the United States. The packet that is clinically tested and the world’s first mobile round-the-clock protection against bacteria and viruses is now partnered with an advance system, Ener-Chi Pendant, that aims to improve and bring back one’s natural body frequencies, strengthen the balance and endurance, resulting to more liveliness, delight and replenished well-being.

Ener-Chi Diffuser is a thin disk that you can stick onto any of your electronic devices such as cellular phones, laptops, tablets and others to counteract the serious and long-term harmful effects of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

We live in a world where electronic devices are everywhere, thus exposing ourselves to electro pollution, which has been shown to cause serious health issues ranging from diabetes to cancer.

This article was published on 15.01.2020 by Chinomnso Carolyn Nwoha
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