The bottom line in network marketing, the million dollar question(s) are is your prospect the vehicle to achieve your goals and dream, if the answer is yes then you are always going to struggle with recruiting, always going to struggle with leadership, you are always going to struggle with attracting people to you. People are attracted to strength and neediness or desperation. The second question is  are you the vehicle for your prospect to achieve their goals and dreams and if the answer is yes to this question then congradulations you are on your way to success. Your are going to attract people because people follow strength and not weakness. If your prospect senses neediness they will be repelled by you. You need to step into the leadership role, stop being needy and be the vehicle to your teams's success..

Now comes the part of mindset, you need to tell yourself that there is no chance of you failing in building your business. You will have to sift through a lot of people to find your gold, your leaders, your customers. You going to be told you are crazy or I am too cool to do network marketing. Remember this you will get to find people who will be extra excited about your opportunity when you get to them and present your opportunity to them in the right way with strength, leadership and power. Your posture should be you are aiming for the top with or without them.

You are the vehicle for your prospect to achieve his or her dreams, you are the vehicle for your team to achieve its goals and dreams, do not go over to being in an arrogant state, be in a state of complete confidence in your abilities to achieve and help achieve your team's goals and dreams and your goals and dreams as well. Not to forgetting you need to be cool/ level headed, humble and loving and show that you have the deal and also that YOU ARE THE DEAL! 

UNDERSTAND THAT YOU GOT THE DEAL and not the other way round, your prospects and team should feel confidence to follow you when your posture shows them you are aiming for success whether they join you or not in your organisation. That is basically leadership that translates into success. BE THE LEADER!

This article was published on 16.09.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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