Be Disciplined Enough To Keep Your Focus

Be Disciplined Enough To Keep Your Focus

What you focus your attention and energy on you actualise and become.

Train thy self to be laser focused and reap the uncommon benefits.

Focused people are determined and committed disciplined people.

Would you describe yourself as being focused or easily distracted?

Don’t tell me just be honest with yourself as where you are, for this forms the beginning of change for you as regards your level of focus in your affairs.

To achieve your dream you must sharpen your power of Focus .

Distractions are your enemy so you must be determined not to allow it take your joy and trust me distractions can be very subtle and appear as credible.

However, you must be very discerning to identify it when it shows up as a friendly foe.

“Focus on what you want to get, not what you want to avoid."

There is a clear difference between the two and the tendency is for us to focus on what we don’t want (beating ourselves down) instead of committing our energy of thought on what we want.

You can’t be angry and frustrated today and expect things to improve tomorrow.

Get rid of those toxic negative energy.

Redirect your positive energy appropriately. Focus on today, get satisfaction now, because that’s the only way your dreams of tomorrow come true.

Focus on what needs to done and achieved (today’s plan) today, one day at a time by making sure you fulfill the tasks scheduled for today with your thoughts and mind fully engaged.

Tell yourself this Truth-

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”.- unknown

That’s it you are making progress everyday you show up and commit yourself to your goals and dreams.

Remember, you are unlimited and unstoppable.

Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise.

Believe it to Receive it.

 Your limitations are only those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you. – Og Mandino


My name is Dr Dimeji Afolabi (Also known by some as Adime) I am your friend-a son of the encourager assigned to add value to you and inspire you to be the best you can possibly be and more - be a winner in your own race of life.

Don’t worry choose to be Happy

You are blessed to be a blessing. 

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This article was published on 05.12.2020 by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi
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