Zero Down Solar!

Why Solar Now?

For my friends in California, we now offer Zero Down Solar with no interest or payment for 18 months!

A homeowner In California who chooses this finance option will pay NOTHING for 18 months. They could have ZERO electricity bills! On month 19, their low monthly loan payment kicks in to own their SOLAR SYSTEM, produce their own clean energy, and be in control of their own power!

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The cost of electricity has consistently risen for over 40 years, with a 40% increase in the last decade alone. History is indicating that homeowners who take no action to free themselves from grid dependence are going to continue to pay more for electricity next year than they are today. In contrast, if you go solar through Powur you are likely to save money immediately on your electricity bill, and will continue to do so indefinitely. Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity, cheaper than your utility. And with $0 down financing, you can own your panels for nothing out of pocket, resulting in immediate savings and long term value.

Powur is a new company that has revolutionised the adoption of solar energy in the United States and will soon be expanding to other countries around the globe. Through their proprietary social business model and distributed network of best-in-class solar installers… Powur is empowering homeowners to go solar for no upfront cost while they transfer wealth from big utilities companies to people like you.  Powur screens the best solar providers and offers homeowners unmatched value, service, and return on investment.

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You may have heard of companies like Uber and AirBnB who have created the new "sharing economy". And you have seen how disruptive the sharing economy has been to traditional business as these companies achieve historic valuations. Powur has predicted the next industry the sharing economy will disrupt which is energy and offers you the opportunity to help change the world for the better by building a clean energy grid while earning generous commissions and passive income.

Disrupt & Decentralize - A Film by Powur PBC

In this latest video release from Powur, you will see the new reality of solar energy.

The Powur Revolution - Why $0 Down Solar Could Save You Thousands On Your Electric Bills

Unprecedented Rewards Powur offers a revolutionary social platform to join the fast growing solar power industry through a unique proprietary revenue sharing plan. The benefits of joining Powur are many: Unlimited earning potential inside the trillion dollar shift to renewable energy.

Lucrative commissions on every installation you refer.

Large commissions on installations in your referral network.

Earn great money simply setting solar appointments.

Know that the work you do everyday matters, and is impacting our world for the better.

No autoships, no inventory, and no previous expertise required. It’s easy and affordable to join.

Join Powur today!

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This article was published on 10.02.2017 by Calvin Yzerman
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Powur - Solar, renewables, 499 USD to join

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