Review: New Launching of our BC Trader Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Bot System

(Review: New Launching of our BC Trader Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Bot System)

We are one of the worlds biggest Bitcoin Mining Pools! 

We will still continue on that, and we are also growing in our Mining Facilities as well. 

But now we are launching our new BC Trader system, we have worked on the last few years! and now it is coming, and it is being called the best Trading Bot System. Take a look on the Review below, here is the link first where you can check it out. Or just read the copy of the article below here..

BC Trader Review: Bitclub Network’s Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Bot System

Bitclub Network has formally announced a new cryptocurrency trading platform launching exclusively for the BCN members of today called “BC Trader“. Bitclub, one of the longest-standing top 10 bitcoin mining companies in the world, has a reputation that precedes them in the blockchain network space and has apparently been working on developing out more products in the from of an artificial-intelligence software trading system that connects directly to your personal cryptocurrency exchanges to micro-trade daily.

What is BC Trader?

The world of cryptocurrency trading is complicated task and requires great skill, accuracy and timing mixed in with a little luck. But now, with the advance of technology and the fact that crypto trading is 24/7/365, artificial intelligence software for crypto traders has become the go-to solution for everyone from beginners to experts. In fact, that appears to be the BC Trader tagline in, “all the benefits of a PRO trader, none of the drawbacks”. The unique characteristic upon first glance is Bitclub Network's BC Trader product connects directly with your personal exchange accounts, meaning they never control or touch any of your funds aside from what you setup and approve.

The best BC Trader feature, aside from the fact of ideally making successful micro-trades based on AI-data algorithms is that it performs each individual trade on your behalf in your own account to where you have complete visibility and control on how the BC Trading bot works.

Like some promote and promise, BC Trader is not actually designed to be fully-automated trading bot, but does the bulk grunt work and provides direction based on the trading strategies you select per coin pairs and risk tolerance. Most do not have the time of day to micro-management minute trades and capitalize on the crypto market volatility and thus BC Trader's AI-based software executes a real trading strategy within your own exchange account.

Out of the box the Bitclub's crypto trader package will be compatible with 8 exchanges and has plans to add more in the future after more users populate the platform.

Here are the first cryptocurrency exchanges BC Trader will work with…





Coinbase Pro




Once you become a BC Trader product buyer, the AI crypto trading software will instantly work with any of these top ranking bitcoin exchanges. The instructions are easy to follow by connecting your account via API and will be ready to use based on your customized settings in your own accounts for user safety and funds security.


The BC Trader strategy and algorithms you can select from are quite fun and easy to optimize and gives you a wide range of your favorite coins and crypto assets to choose from. The software will allow you to accumulate more Bitcoin (BTC) or you can try to increase the USD value (or native fiat currency) as your end goal too.

You can set the limits and adjust the amounts based on how much you want to range and risk within the marketplace. You are able to constantly tweak, start, stop and modify any trading strategy you have to maximize your results no matter how active or passive you want to be starting out. While the proof is in the pudding about the success behind the Bitclub Network history, and we know the nature doubts of a software-led crypto trading AI algorithm can be high but knowing who they are and what they bring to market it will be quite impressive to see if the BC Trader product can live up to the success BCN mining pools put together the past four to five years.

How Much Does Bitclub's Crypto Trader Cost?

Bitclub Network's Trader is being introduced in the same way the bitcoin (ASIC) and GPU mining pools were offered as far as pricing options: There will be four packages to choose from going from $500, $1,000, $2,000 or up to the $3,500 Founder package.

Let's Take a Look at the Details of Each BC Trader Package:

$500 Trial Pack – This package gets you a single trading license that will allow you to trade on 1 exchange up to $2,000 per day. You can select up to 3 trading pairs on the exchange and really try this product out.

$1,000 Trader Pack – This package gets you a multi use license that allows you to trade on 2 exchanges up to $5,000 per day total. You can select up to 7 trading pairs on each exchange.

$2,000 Elite Trader Pack – This package gets you a multi use license that allows you to trade on 5 exchanges up to $15,000 per day total. You can select up to 15 trading pairs on each exchange and put multiple strategies to use.

$3,500 Founder Trading Pack – Just like our mining pool package this will get you all 3 packages rolled into one and give you Founder status in the compensation plan. When purchasing this package you will be able to trade on ALL exchanges up to $100,000 per day with unlimited trading pairs.

It appears the way these are organized is that you can buy the founder spot and receive the benefits of all the others or buy each individual package separate and get the benefits per offer. The compensation plan for the Founder seems to be the most advantageous as it will open up the ability to earn on all the package levels. They do have a limit of $100,00 per account.

Each BC Trader Pack is eligible for a year long of trading. After the 12 months is up, the annual renewal fee for the software will be required but has not been set in stone yet.

Bitclub Network's team behind BC Trader was also adamant about any and all ROI expectations and cautioned a use at your own risk message and explicitly said they do not guarantee any profits or results and have a chance at losing funds per trade. They were also quick to mention the fact that they are at the mercy of exchange failure and fraud just as any one of us are naturally. They do mention the caveat of receiving a complete set of risk disclosures and will be actively monitoring all marketing promises and income claims as a big no-no.

When is Bitclub's BC Trader Launching?

The new BC Trader software access will be opening in a sequential order to all ranks within Bitclub Network.

Here is the calendar for each of the BCN members to obtain a BC trading license to get started with and using the platform.

Here is the launch schedule…

Mega Monster – Already have full access

Monster Builder – February 18-19th

Master Builder – February 20-23rd

Pro Builder – February 24-27th

Builder – February 28th – March 2nd

Everyone will have full access by March 3rd

The Bitclub support staff said there will be a banner available at the top of your page once logged in to get started by following the instructions.

How Might the Future of BC Trader Fare?

It is hard to ignore the vital success the crypto mining business Bitclub has enjoyed. If anyone has actively monitored the blockchain mining stats you will have saw that Bitclub Network is one of the 7th or 8th biggest companies in the space and has been producing increasing hash rate power for nearly a handful of years. The BC Trader is a new product on the block, and it looks to add a trading element to their core mining foundation as an extra layer crypto enthusiasts and get into the game. While it is early, they have mentioned of adding many more exchanges as well as constantly innovating new algorithms and adding new trading pairs for more diversity.

What is main takeaway was that BC Trader looks to become a flagship product for Bitclub members and have no plans of slowing down advancements as they plan to share more details regarding the newly released BC Trader as well as BC Premier, ClubCoin and CoinPay.

Please let us know your comments below if you are going to try out BC Trader or if you already have what your current results have been. Thanks for reading our review of BC Trader, please let us know any other details to add to our research.

Kenneth Moller 

BCN - Educator, Bitcoin Miner & BC Trader. 

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