ClickMagick is basically used by marketers to track and optimize all their marketing online. It makes it easy to promote your products online and makes it easy to track them as well. It involves click tracking and such which involves keeping you updated about the traffic which clicks your ad and you do not have to worry about other bogus websites which may claim to do the same but give you unrealistic details of the same.

The good thing about this website is that it not only tracks your paid marketing efforts but also your organic markets such as blogs, videos and much more. Advertising at the end of the day is all about getting returns and profit; hence since we cannot exactly pinpoint the number of sales that went up because of our promotional efforts, we can at least keep track of who is selecting our ads in order to not waste too much money on unnecessary promotions.

ClickMagick also recommends changes that be made to your websites and traffic in order to generate more websites and get more viewers. The same can be said about ads and marketers. It also comes with a 14-day free trial which is highly beneficial for those who want to be sure whether it’ll help them in any way. However, ad tracking and click tracking is highly beneficial to your website if you are a marketer or are a person earning money through your websites. ClickMagick also uses tools such as Geo-targeting and mobile optimization for better results. It also has good speed and accuracy.

The support center for ClickMagick is also good as they enable one-one support and personalized support. This allows you to be comfortable with the website and ask any questions if you are confused or stuck when using the software. The software also has a lot of utilities which other tracking software might not have such as Automatic Bot Filtering, Click Fraud Monitoring and much more. It even makes Facebook sharing easy and customizable. This is very helpful social media is a key proponent these days.

ClickMagick also allows for feedback and makes changes according to this feedback on a monthly basis. This is highly beneficial to those who feel that the software is missing something and you can always go to customer support and drop in your feedback which will be taken into consideration the next time the update the software. The software also allows for five different kinds of pop-ups which are highly beneficial for advertisers and marketers. It also offers tools such as countdowns and advanced retargeting to up your game. It even gives you information on your traffic and good analysis of their quality and what to do in order to get better quality traffic.

The automatic bot filtering can allow better analysis of traffic as sometimes bots mess your stats up which could be problematic in the long run. Hence this software has it all for a person who really wants to up their game and gets profit out of their websites and ads. Sign Up For Clickmagick

This article was published on 25.10.2018 by Mark White
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