CASH GOLD - Physical Gold in The CASH - Free to Join - Referral Program $$

Cash Gold is a paper money with Gold in the paper itself. Cash Gold is the the affordable way to own and protect your net worth starting with one tenth of a gram (less than $6.00 USD). Cash Gold is an independent alternative and exchange payment method that can be used in combination with other currencies. Cash Gold is no currency, it only looks similar to other bank notes to provide everyday practicality as a means of payment. Cash Gold's physical amounts follow the format of modern currencies general accepted methods. The Cash Gold fits well into the usual wallets and billfolds. The design looks similar and yet different from the traditional artworks of most common banknotes.

Be part of when history has been written, not after it has already passed. Cash Gold will change the way the world exchanges its energies and value.

The denomination weight sizes come in 0.1 gram of Cash Gold, 0.2 grams of Cash Gold, 0.4 grams of Cash Gold and 0.6 grams of Cash Gold. One can buy the denominations they wish to use or one can get a complete beginners set containing every nominal value of CASH GOLD in a single box. The denominations might seem a bit unusual at first glance, however it allows one to value the note(s) at any numeric amount agreed upon. In the future this feature will simply improve the convenience of everyday use.

Cash Gold can now offer the flexible, reliable and modern independent payment method we have always counted on now backed by gold in the notes themselves. Cash Gold provides the maximum safety features comparable to those of the European style banknotes. Each CASH GOLD is protected against counterfeiting due to the use of state-of-the-art visible and invisible security features, which are extremely difficult to copy.

Cash Gold features security element properties such as Kinegram a non-holographic, vector-based technology. This enables the Cash Gold the most secure solutions for product safety in cooperation with KURZ, a worldwide leader in hot stamping and coating technology. Color Movement of Cash Gold by tilting the design about the vertical axis, respective from left to right, a color movement in the indicated area can be seen.

Our business is just simple and easy, changing the paper money into Cash Gold. Pay with Cash Gold or with our Gold App and get Gold back on the your purchases with the Gold App on your smart phone. Download the Gold App on your smart phone, load up the Gold App with gold and get Gold back on your purchases.  

E-Commerce business for affiliates with people doing business with the Gold App, Cash Gold and purchases of physical gold in small denominations from 0.1 grams up to 5 gram bars in any quantity you wish to hold with the option for storage or delivered directly to your door by FED Ex to over 120 countries worldwide.

MasterCard Debit Card approved and available with over 400,000 customers and affiliates worldwide in over 120 Countries around the globe.  

CASH GOLD - Physical Gold in The CASH - Free to Join - Referral Program $$

This article was published on 17.12.2016 by Wil N Greg (father N Son)
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KaratBars International - Cash Gold back APP, Free to join

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