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Something to share! I have always been a coffee drinker. This started with Ric Coffee as teenager, then when I started in a job, I switched to Decaf coffee type brands.

Later on in life, I was introduced to health coffee type brands. All infused with Ganoderma! I asked about this mushroom and did my research.

Making the switch was difficult! Then I thought about life in general. Everything changes, a flower blossoms, different seasons, and so many other things.

I then decided to test this Ganoderma coffee! I was surprised that the coffee did not need sugar. So before, I was adding 3 sugars in a cup of coffee and now to no sugar.

The Ganoderma coffee at first tasted different, but then after my third sip of this coffee, the taste was better. That night, I had a restful and peaceful sleep. In the morning, I woke up different! I had energy and a change of attitude toward going to work.

I then bought more sachets and after a week of trying this coffee, I signed up to the business. I introduced the coffee to my family and the result was the same.

The message is that: we as people get introduced to a brand and we trust that brand for many generations. We even refer that brand to others! Now, here is a company through years of research done on this medicinal mushroom, has found a way to infuse this mushroom to everyday consumable products.

These range from coffee, tea and hot chocolate-health beverages! Then also personal care products, like soap, lotion, shampoo and massage oil. And more: There is a supplements range, and these are Ganoderma in power capsules and much more.

The company idea and values: Change your brand from whatever you are using to DXN International brands. Change your shopping habits! Refer others to do the same! Why, you might be wandering?

To verify the health benefits from consuming this mushroom, go to website: and enter Ganoderma into the search. Do you own research!

Then connect with me here or via email: HERE and I will either help you to order from the website or if you want to buy as a business partner and save. As a member of, you make money when people drink coffee, tea, or when people brush their teeth.

Are you ready for change? Take care of your future as my business partner in this great health and wellness company. Follow these steps to be in this health and wellness Ganoderma business:

Join me and be my business partner here: 821922748 (this is my membership number)

Use the products to experience the benefits and share with others.

Help them to be your business partners and share your unique membership number with others.

Then repeat! #business #health #coffee # tea #soap #work from home

This article was published on 14.10.2022 by Jose Julius
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DXN - Ganoderma, Free to join

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