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Not only was I intrigued and curious about trying the products for myself (because I saw so many people have amazing results from them), I was also open to hearing about the business model and potential. 

From past experiences, I told myself I was never going to get involved in an online business again. But I felt pulled in this direction because I know how it can change lives if the right opportunity comes along. 

I knew they have only been in Canada for one year, so that seemed like a ground level opportunity many people only dream of coming across! 

And honestly, the fact that I would be using these products anyways was obviously a no-brainer. I need to believe in the products, and I need to have been personally impacted by them. 

As you may know, I have experience in online businesses, and although I believe in Network marketing before, I couldn’t ever fully get behind any of the compensation plans from former companies. So when I was thinking about becoming an associate, I had questions. And I needed straight up answers and for things to make sense. 

First of all, I didn’t want to have any monthly fees. I didn’t want to have to carry stock and I didn’t want to have to do deliveries or do any of the admin work myself it needed to be products for many different lifestyles and people, and relevant and applicable to many- not just a niche (not a good biz decision)

So weighing out all of the facts and reviewing the numbers, I was confident in pursuing some thing that I felt a drawn to! 

Take it for me, if you’ve ever been in the online business space before, this is different! I’ve never seen a compensation plan like this. And frankly, I’ve never seen products like this before either.

If you’ve been thinking about your own online business and quality products, based off of integrity and extensive research is important to you, I would love to have a conversation and connect about how this could change your life too. 

I have made over $2000 in one month and new product is getting launched in October which will be REVOLUTIONARY to the health and wellness market, never been seen! 

Message me and let’s to this!

This article was published on 13.09.2023 by Lindsay Schweitzer
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