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I offer multiple business and customer opportunities as I explain 4 of the best mlm platforms and products I have found on the market today .  I've been doing mlm for over 17 years and I found the 4 more amazing  company's that have helped me with my everyday lifestyle whether I'm on the road or needing. A dr . All the way to my Daily nutrition . I utilize everyone of them and I'm living a toxin free life with holistic and organic options in my everything I do everyday . Choosing to buy from myself and maxing Out my entrepreneurship skill set .  In this note I will explain each of the company's I offer and what they do for me , how much they cost to start up and manage monthly . For income or payplan options on any of them contact me personally and I will Give u full disclosure so u know the opportunities laid before you. I normaly don't push them I just enjoy what each of them offer, although if your a good fit for the business and you want to excel as a partner with me I will help u into a new lifestyle.    This platform has allowed me to share with people who are truly interested in living the way I do and you don't have to do all 4 I just choose to live this way it suites myself , my family much more and all my daily needs are in house sales from myself . I'm in business for my self not by myself . I believe it's better to have 1% of 100 peoples effort than 100% of my own . Living free and natural . 

The most profitable and low cost company is it has made me more money faster than any company I've ever worked and it's only 69 a month to manage. I get 6 packs of 5 tank fuel trials for that monthly fee as well.. its only 200 to get started and u get 20 packs of 5 tank fuel trials for that money .  There are higher priced packs available with more product options but this is the cheapest for first entry . The product is a unique mpg x caps product that has been patented for over 25 years and nascar has been using this product in thier race cars since 2005 . When the price of gas went up the founders decided to release this amazing option to the public .  We save at least 20% in fuel cost or more at the pump with gas or fuel and gain 20% or more in miles per gallon. In the link I provided there is multiple videos explaining the product and opportunities that you have as a customer or sales rep . We also have a wholesale marketplace that allows u to get items that are not released to the public  and other things . it also is a market place you can market your product for sale accessing clients all over the world for ur personal ideas not related to the gas company .  

The next most useful option in mlm low cost start up and management its 50 start up and 50 a month it is the travel company with a ton of amazing benefits I will go over. this company I use when I'm helping my friends , family , or anyone who wants to travel at an affordable price. Staying. In. 5 star resorts for as low as 50 a night . Also by being part of  this company you get. A dr available to u to write any non narcotic prescription 24/7. Over the phone . When the pharmacy of ur choice opens ur script u choose will be there . Also we have a digital wholesale mall in ur pocket and a gift card option of super savings.  The main product is hotel prices that are garuntee to beat any price u find online . Decent air fair same or better as the competition.  Hot weeks that are unmatched 5 star resorts for a full week going for as low as 240 for a week anywhere in the world . (Booked at least 8 weeks in advance for hitweek deals ). Rental cars around 35 a day cost . Cruise ship reservations garuntee to beat any online offer . And a timeshare option that is garuntee to beat any other timeshare by 75% also its only .03 cents a point to buy more points as much as u like when ever u like . This product is great if u love to travel or allows u to work from home as a travel agent for ur friends family or.anyone u see fit .

This company is part 1 of what saved my life . I have documented medical proof and testing on everything I say for these next 2 company's in the nutritional field. Both have thier pros and cons of thier products so I use the best of each . is a titan in the nutrition industry.  Usana health sciences has received multiple awards for 25 years straight . Also received an Albert Einstein award for bettering the human race. They have over 2000 pro and Olympic athletes in the company using thier products and no fear of disqualifying or failing a urine analysis.  This company saved me from radiation poisoning and literally saved me from multiple life problems that were in my body . (For more info I can elaborate in a private message or phone call ) They have the #1 skin care line on the planet voted peoples choice every year ' sense ' and all natural bath and shower products toxin free. They also have a scientific organic hospital , surgery. And treatment in Tijuana coast ' sanoviv ' . The vitamins are proven to bring human cells to 100% health and strength . They also have multiple optimizers and a ton more opportunities.  Our vitamins are also in the physicians desk reference.  This company cost 120 to get started and at least 50 a month to keep on. 

This is part 2 of my nutrition plan for my daily intake in conjunction with my part 1. Now I do not recommend taking both types of vitamins at the same time . One is super strength and potency the other for more sensitive systems.  Amare global is also a holistic gut brain axis patented and proven by science . This product helps with all.mental illness, all auto immune. And  All addictions .  They have features for thier award winning products with ABC news and partnered with children's center of Utah to help with autism and cognitive brain functions In children . I take optimizers from both company's but only one kind per category of what I'm treating for every part of my body . This company cost 135 to get started and 115 a month to keep active . 

All of these company's have an option to do it as a business or just be a customer.  They all are top options in thier field no comparison.  I use every one of them everyday of my life in all that I do . I do build in it but it's not my focus . I only help those who truly want the help . Please let me know if I can help u in any of these I also recommend doing your own research on them

International Branding Director for:

Mpg xtreme

Hapi travel 

Usana health sciences 

Amare global 

Thank you for your time 

Gregory S. McCurtain

Text or call 3077058288 for more info or my link

This article was published on 24.11.2022 by Gregory Mccurtain
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