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Continuous Development is the KEY to success in Network Marketing!

We have another wave of the crisis, people are losing their jobs, companies are collapsing, hospitals are failing, social life is practically non-existent. Within less than a year, the world has been standing on its head and most people realized that in order to take care of their future they need to have a backup plan (the so-called plan B). Perhaps they will need to change their profession, job, place of residence, way of maintaining their home. Nothing is certain, but we will almost 100 % not return to the pre-epidemic state in the economy, in schools, in medicine, in the organization of society.  

For many people network marketing (MLM) is associated with aggressive promotion of unnecessary products. Many people, as soon as they hear something about MLM, react negatively: "I don't want to have anything to do with the financial pyramids". I have to admit that MLM has deserved such an opinion. MLM is often misunderstood, it is perceived as something of little interest, something that is connected with unclear financial settlements, where only those who are at the top of the network earn money and those who are at the bottom have no chance. All these opinions make it difficult to grow and develop. HOWVER. Just as until recently MLM did not enjoy great respect, everything is changing now! Network marketing has DEVELOPED TREMENDOUSLY. Network marketing is becoming more and MORE POPULAR. Network marketing has become a MODERN BUSINESS MODEL, which is appreciated not only by ambitious, young people looking for a good way to make money, but also by experienced businessmen who have been successful at understanding business and making money. Today, network marketing is the best business model to achieve results regardless of age, gender, skin colour, religion, etc. And most importantly, it is the only known business model, in which everyone sincerely wants to help the partners. You can't really succeed alone. The only way is to find, convince, educate and support everyone in Your network. If Your network doesn't succeed, you won't have any significant effects either. Today network marketing is a modern formula for running your own business, however without all the negative effects associated with the traditional business. Robert Kiyosaki said in his book “Business of the 21st century” that network marketing is a development vehicle that allows people to transform from positions where they sell their time for money to positions where they use time to make money and invest wisely. And it doesn't really matter what product you are dealing with. Of course it must be very good and desired. But the biggest value and investment in network marketing is your own network of partners, which allows you to guarantee passive income regardless of whether you are working 100% at the moment, or maybe you are on holiday, on sick leave or on retirement.

The global situation in the world is every day exacerbating the problems of our financial security, but despite this, many people are afraid of change, do not want to look for new solutions and assume that they will somehow survive this difficult time and return to their comfortable professional positions to "earn money to survive in comfort". I wonder on what basis ? I am curious what causes such unjustified expectations ? On our eyes the WORLD IS CHANGING DRAMATICALY. Nobody knows what it will look like next year, in two or three years. But it will surely be a TOTALLY OTHER WORLD that we will have to adapt to quickly. Are You prepared for that ?

And what would you say if you got an EXCEPTIONAL CHANCE, if you got the opportunity to participate in a business that has all the advantages of traditional business but no disadvantages, i.e. no need to invest a lot of money, no struggling with employees, fixed costs, etc.? All you have to do is to get involved very seriously. On the one hand, you will get a very low price for joining an international and well-developed business, and you can earn very well!

Today's times are not easy, but they are fantastic cause you can create the work as you want it, with whomever you want and whenever you want. You just have to take your life into Your own hands!

Network marketing is the industry of modern entrepreneurship! Whether you're a full-time employee, an entrepreneur who is struggling with the challenges of the current epidemic situation, whether you've been working for many years, or just entering the job market after graduation or vocational school, or maybe You are not satisfied with Your current MLM project - don't reject this opportunity. You can try, you can prove yourself, but there is one condition - You MUST BE REALLY OPEN FOR A CHANGE because success in MLM is associated with a modified attitude to work, responsibility, effects, or success,. And the main key to success is YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

That is what we focus on in our network. Before we allow You to promote Your products/services - we will invite You to an intensive training program based on the knowledge and experience of the greatest personal development and network marketing business specialists in the world. What would You say if Your virtual coaches were Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, etc.? Richard Branson, when asked who the entrepreneur is, says: "This is a man who wants to improve other people's lives, who screws up all the obstacles, gets to work and does it!"

Most people do not have the courage to become a modern entrepreneur.

And how about you? Do you dare to fight for your financial freedom?! Do you have a plan B? Will you take this uncertain but promising step into the unknown future ?

If so, fill in your contact details and let me invite you to an individual conversation to assess whether there is a chance for us to succeed together. Remember what Eric Worre, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki say - the basis of Your success is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT of Your network and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. Therefore, I invite you to meet me on this journey.

This article was published on 16.10.2020 by Andrzej Tonderski
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